Friday, April 8, 2011

Maddy's around here somewhere....

We haven't forgotten about her, she's just not as care free as the 4th grade Maddy. This 5th grade business is kicking her trash. Her teacher (whom we adore) thinks that pestering his students about assignments is bad, he thinks they should turn them in on time without any reminding..... This gives Mads quite a bit of anxiety since she doesn't want to miss or turn in anything late EVER. She also tries to do all her assignments in class. She told me a few weeks ago that she hates Friday's because that's the day everything is due and "what if I miss something". Mads is a gem of a kid. Also, that same teacher (whom we still adore) gave her full credit on some assignments she hadn't finished from when she was sick all those days back in Jan/Feb. He was filling out report card for SEP's and he told her he knew she would get them finished, and he wasn't worried. I was a little worried.

Max's mom (whom I adore) had a birthday dinner for Mads. She made her chocolate cakes with a cheese cake filling. NOT TERRIBLE AT ALL. Her presents were BOOKS, her favorite.

Mads and Baby DAISY.

Max and Maddy went to a Daddy Daughter Date for Activity Days (HOORAY since I am released and didn't have to help). They made this "hot air" balloon contraption. They also made paper airplanes and had a contest to see which one flew the farthest and best...... theirs didn't win. . . . . too bad.