Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crazy? I was crazy once...

How do you do your kids hair for school? If you're me, and Elasta Girl is your daughter, you do this...

It was crazy hair day at school. She was a Celebrity in the halls and was truly in hair heaven.

Elasta Girl and I have been "planning'' this head since we found out about "crazy hair day" last week. Liberty spikes.

I've only done one other head in all my hairstyling days and, to tell you the truth, I think Alzabeth did most of them. I can't quite remember. They were on her friends head, I must have blocked the whole experience right out of my brain.

I don't claim perfection, I just claim "CRAZY".

On her sides, I french braided.

YES. I did.

Tomorrow's the last day of school.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Green salad....yummy yummy

I told Mr Smith that we were having breakfast for dinner the other night.

He pulled a face (not that face ^ a much more disgusted face) and said "Green salad doesn't really 'go' with breakfast."

We had leftovers instead.

That'll teach him to be obsessed with salad.

And another thing...

On my Pre-school graduation post from yesterday, I forgot to mention one tiny thing. Miss Amy went down the line of all the kids telling something about each one. When she got to Roo she said that whenever Roo would do something funny Roo would say: "Miss Amy, I'm such a dork."

I have no idea where she gets this stuff from.

Don't even get me started about the little boy that would help Roo with her jacket and back pack every day.

We're doomed.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The GRAD...

Roo "graduated" from pre-school on May 15th. She gets to go back next year but we celebrated anyway. This is her teacher, Miss Amy. She's married but writes "Miss" on all the papers she sends home so I'm sticking with it. She is the ultimate pre-school teacher around. Elasta Girl went to her when we lived in our Townhouse in Payson. She lived about 2 minutes from our house. She still lives in Payson and we commute so Roo can go to her too. I had to beg and plead and fester for Roo to have a spot cuz all her classes were full this year. Roo actually got to go because another little boy wasn't potty trained by the time school started. Sad for his mom, but happy for us.

You just have to have fancy hair for graduation. I was trying out the rag rollers, I could have done a better (and faster) job with the curling iron. Oh well, you never know until you try.

Why must all children pull silly faces for pictures?

Roo with her graduation hat on. Her hands were like this during the whole program.

Blurry, but cute still. And there are those hands again.

We will miss school and all the fun we had. Now Roo has to go do all my errands with me. And I don't have any more "alone time". Roo was so funny all year, every time they were making "surprises" for Mr Smith or me, she wouldn't tell me ANYTHING they did in class until she had given us the surprise.
We gave Miss Amy strawberry freezer jam for her teacher present. We saw her at the grocery store last week and she said she and her family had already eaten all of it. She also said that next year we could give her some more. We probably will.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


So yesterday, Roo and I were politely strolling down the isles of the thrift store, when, we saw an actual "little person" looking at the children's books . I have to admit, I did a double take because I thought it was a kid without a mom. Roo saw her too. And she didn't just look twice, she looked, pointed and YELLED: "MAMA LOOKED AT THAT FAT GIRL" from 4 feet away from her.

I about DIED from embarrassment. I was so shocked and flustered that I swatted her cheek (not hard but enough for her to pout a bit) and said that isn't nice to say, and besides she isn't fat, she's pretty. Then I told her that we don't say mean things that would hurt peoples feelings. We just say things like: "look at that pretty girl, or "look at that nice girl" or "isn't she cute"

I thought I had her fixed when we saw the lady again, Roo pointed and YELLED: "MAMA LOOK AT THAT PRETTY GIRL"

Then, we went to the craft store. When we came around one isle we saw an actual fat woman sitting on the floor with her tank top pulled clear up under her boobs. It was NOT PRETTY. And don't ask me why she was doing it. Well, my daughter pointed and YELLED: "MAMA, LOOK AT THAT NAKED LADY"

I think I'm over shopping with children.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Now all she has to do is put away all the stuff in the bags.

Heaven help us.


Monday, May 18, 2009

What a STAR....

Elasta Girl is my favorite child.

Mr Smith took his little sister, Meghan, and Elasta Girl camping over the weekend. Before he left, he gave me the plague. I still have it, and this morning I was not looking or sounding that spectacular. Elasta Girl woke up, got her self ready for school, made her lunch and got her and Roo some breakfast. All while I was sleeping. I woke up during the breakfast eating time and was so excited for myself.

(a self portrait)

Then, she finished getting her self ready for school, tidied up her room and made her bed. And after comes the best part....she started cleaning up the house. She put all her stuff away first, then she picked up their breakfast dishes and LOADED THEM IN THE DISHWASHER! Elasta Girl is my favorite child. She folded blankets, straightened her bathroom, cleaned off the coffee table and put away the clean dishes that I had hand washed last night. Elasta Girl is my favorite child. I asked her why she was doing all this cleaning, she just said "because I want to, you don't feel good and I wanted to help"

YUP, favorite child indeed.

(another self portrait)

That other child has yet to earn her stuff back.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Before....No, I did not make it that color. I did however, cut it that way.

The During....

And the After......


That'llbe all

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My other childs room...

looks like this. Elasta Girl is awesome.

Her and I cleaned out her room a couple of weeks ago. (I'm kicking myself for not taking "Before" pictures) It took the better part of a Saturday to clean, but it looked - oh so sparkly - when we were finished. It was also loads of fun to spend all that time just with her.

She's nearly missed the bus a few days cause she has to make her bed so delightfully. I don't make her do it, my bed is never made unless I wash the sheets.

And, she is now collecting "M"s for an "M" wall. Alzabeth started the trend with the white metal one she gave EG for Christmas this last year. So if you find a cool one let us know.

Her perfectly decorated dresser. The drawers are equally neat and tidy.

The closet, with room to spare.

Shoe shelves! And it wasn't even her birthday. Where is the fairness in that?

Elast Girls room has been spotless ever since. I am so proud of your cleaning skills Girl. You truly are a super hero. Perhaps you could teach your sister a thing or two. That is, if she ever gets her stuff back.

By the way, I did not make Elasta Girl clean out her room. She has been not happy about it for weeks and asking for help to clean it out. So, what was I to do?

By the other way, Roo no longer hates her parents. She says "I love you Mama, but you still took my things away".


Meanest Mom of the YEAR...

This is not the face we saw last night. Last night, THIS face was nowhere to be seen. Last night, my patience was gone. Last night, I had threatened and bribed and begged for the last time. Last night, all of Roo's things got thrown into a garbage bag (two actually) and taken away. Last night, I was fed up, it was time to take action. And I did.

Roo won't clean her room. EVER. Sometimes when she feels like it she will, but she doesn't feel like it very much. Pretty much NEVER. I had told her for about 4 days (all day long) to clean it or I was going to take her stuff away. She didn't. I warned her last night, that after dinner I was going to take her stuff. She still wouldn't clean it. So I did.

The first to go was her blanket. In to the bag it went. That made her MAD. Her blanket is one of her 2 most favorite things. In fact, this is a common picture of her in the morning. All wrapped up and snuggley in her blanket. Not anymore. It's in the bag. Now she's cold.

Her other most favorite things is her "RUFF RUFF" . Yup, It's in the bag too. But only because she hit me with it after I took her blanket.

Her things are in my closet now where Mr Smith keeps stubbing his toe on them. I don't know when she'll get time back. I win the prize of the Meanest Mom.

So, All of you that thinks I as the best mom EVER. This blog's for you.

I almost forgot, as Mr Smith and I were leaving her room, Roo screamed at the top of her tearful, sobbing lungs "I HATE MY MOM AND DAD". Mr Smith turned and said to me: "well, at least you were first".

Thursday, May 7, 2009


They were on sale AND they fit. What was I suppose to do?


Saturday, May 2, 2009


Today Elasta Girl went to give me a hug and found a spider right exactly on my chest!

Then, later I was watching the TV and found an ANT on my arm.

Now I've got the creepy crawlies.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road...

Bailey came over to play on Thursday, we went to the Castle for a snack. The Castle is the convenient store at the bottom of the hill by our house. It's name is "the Castle" because when it was being built, and before the gas bays were up, Roo said they were building a castle for us. It had that Dental molding around the top of the building and a big opening for the doors that looked like a castle door could have been installed. So "Castle" stuck.

Anyway, Bailey introduced me to my first taste of Funyuns. They weren't awful. In fact, they were delicious. I should have never tried one. Naughty Bailey.

The girls started playing dress up, which turned into a fashion show, with me as the audience. Little Jessica knows all about these shows. Her and I have been invited to many. The first fashion show looked like this:

Bailey as Scarecrow, Elasta Girl as Dorothy with a Toto in her basket and Roo as the Wicked Witch of the West. They were so cute and creative with our dress ups.

I didn't take any more pictures of them but the fashion shows soon turned into mini skits. One with EG as a pirate and Bay as the beautiful rich girl that the pirate stole from then made walk the plank - a cardboard box lay ed out flat. Another skit was Bailey as a Celebrity and EG as a crazed fan. They were pretty funny. Bailey and Elasta Girl are the best of friends, EG and her are all giggles when they are together. I'm so glad they have each other. I hope they are friends forever.

Roo thinks those two are WEIRD.

Oh, by the way, I painted this red, it used to be white I think it needs something more though. Maybe a black rub over the top. Any suggestions from anyone crafty?