Thursday, October 28, 2010

Soccer......that ended in September

Mads started her first year of soccer this year. She was on the same team as her BEST FRIEND BAILEY. It was not an accident. I pestered everyone (soccer involved) so they could be sure to be on the same team.

I told Mads that she had to do it again next year, even if she hated it, since it cost so much to get her started. (we even went to the Thrift Store for cleats and shorts) Good thing she didn't hate it.

It was so fun to see her out playing and the confidence she got (around the time the last game rolled around) while playing. Bailey was a soccer ROCK STAR at every game. We love both those girls.
Their coach was super fun and reminded them that winning wasn't the most important part. (They did win about half their games) Max was a total soccer Dad. He would cheer for ALL the kids, he even learned their names. I think some of the kids thought he was Coo Coo.
This was the best team picture we could get. The kid next to Maddy kills me. He REFUSED to smile or even look remotely happy to be there. It was a bummer, cause some of the players weren't there for the pictures. And, I didn't choose to buy any.

The LION guy is the mascot for the REAL Salt Lake soccer team.

And that's all I have to say about Soccer.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Just another boring old weekend.......

I thought the highlight of our weekend would be cutting Maddy's hair all off. Although it was fun, it was also sad sense she and I had PROMISED not to cut (except trims--and mullets) our hair until she was 11. She couldn't wait any longer. I have yet to cave----but I'm close.

The before, I had a normal picture of her face but I just like this one---it shows her TRUE personality.

And the after. Prolly she should style it a bit more. PS it also looks super cute straight.

Then on Sunday evening Shan appeared on our doorstep with this deliciousness:

It's a DIAPER CAKE. You would think THIS would be the highlight of our weekend. I should have been, we always LOVE Shan to come over, especially with presents. She made us a "diaper cake" with a SOCK cake topper and a body wash/baby lotion center. And cute Binky's too. Her friend asked her what kind of "Binky's" I liked and she said "the cute kind" She is correct. It's safe to say Shan is as excited for this baby as we are. It's true, ask her.

The REAL exciting part of our weekend started with this little monster ^. At 9:35 pm ONE hour and 35 minutes AFTER bedtime, Mads opened their door (PS they are sharing a room now ---you wouldn't know that since I never blog) and Ru was SCREAMING at the top of her lungs.
It seems that our precious 5 year old child had stuck a LEGO up her nose! Curses!

The paranoid parents that we are, looked and looked for it up her nose, couldn't see it, made sure she could breathe and sent her to bed. We did call the after hours DR. He said to take her to Instacare or the E.R. What does he know anyway? We sent her to bed.......

And then to school the next morning. hehe

That night, after Ru had calmed down a bit and could laugh about sticking a LEGO up her nose, she asked if Mads had ever done that when she was little. Max said "no, that really wasn't her forte." Then Ru smiled and said, "yeah, it's my speciality."

The LEGO was this small - - only grey. Don't worry, I took her to the regular Dr after school and he got it out. He dug up her nose with a long skinny plastic digger. She was extremely brave.
So instead of a HUGIE E.R. BILL we'll have a smallish $80 Dr bill instead. (gotta love personal insurance) We'll make up for all our Dr bill savings IN 3.5 WEEKS when our baby comes.

Ru was so brave we went to McDonalds for an ice cream sundae for her and a burger for me. Mostly because I was starving...I mean cause she was so brave.

Also this weekend, we --meaning Max ... did lots of baby chores in the house. It involved MANY holes in the walls. And lots of extra furniture to the basement. Not his favorite thing. He was a VERY good sport.

The end.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The best thing I ever taught Maddy.....

Maddy's next lesson...... Beard trimming. It's hands down my least favorite hair to cut.