Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin carving takes 13 hours...This blog took longer

We carved pumpkins last night...Because we couldn't put it off anymore. Mads was so grumpy that we didn't carve them on Monday which is Family Home Evening. Not that we are Family Home Evening regulars. But it is simply tradition to carve them the Monday before Halloween. I guess.

Here is Mads pumpkin, note her scary skeleton face. She is trying to match her pumpkin. I thought she was trying to be a rabbit but we all know my mind does strange things.

And her is Rubs pumpkin. She chose this face to carve cuz it was printed on the scooper that gets the pumpkin guts out. She is very creative for 3. Please note HER scary face. Afraid?

Now, fast forward through the night and to this morning, (Which started at 6:15 AM for my children but that is a post for a different day.)

We had a brilliant idea that Mads skeleton pumpkin should have a bow. So I drew one on and she cut it out.

So what do you thing Rubs pumpkin needed? Correct. a BOW. Which irked Mads to no end by the way. Don't ask my why Rubs picture is tweaked. I rotated it and it is upright in my pictures so please just rotate your head while viewing. We tried to change it up a bit by switching her bow to the other side. Are you impressed?

Here is a picture of the two of them with their "Bowed" Pumpkins. How do you like Mads bed head hair? Don't worry, she looked better for school I promise. Anyway her cute smiley face makes up for the crazy hair?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Howdy stranger?

Oh the pain the suffering of you all. It's been 3 whole days since my last post. I hope you'all are not too sad. I really and truly have had nothing to say.

Except for now. This morning Rubs and I were cuddling in my bed and Mads came in and layed in between us and Rubs said: "MADS YOU'RE IN MY TERRITORY!

Seriously am I ruining my kids? They, and their strange vocabulary, are doomed.

Only 2 more days til Spooky Halloween. Here are some pictures from last year. I'll give them to you now since last year there was no delightful blog. tootles...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What the kids are saying these days

So the other day Rubs was having trouble with her shoe while we were driving up to my parents house. (toe crank day) She was whining about it and fiddling with her shoe when all the sudden I hear from the back seat a little frustrated voice say "stinkin' shoe" She doesn't look at thing like me but she's mine just the same.

Then tonight I was on the phone in our bedroom with Mom and Mads opens up the door, peeks her head in and says "WHAT IN TARNATION! and closes the door. Whos kid is she? I don't know but I'm keeping her.

Bum toe update. Sunday

So My toe is doing well. I don't know what I'll do if it is ever not bum. What would I call it then? What would I have to talk about? Oh dear, maybe I am sabotoging my recovery just so I can have something to talk about. And by "talk about" I mean complain about.

Anyway today I wore my most fabulous shoes to church and I could actually walk (a little). One problem is that my left (bum) foot is bigger than my right foot so my shoe fit great on the left and not so much on my right. It make walking interesting. But who cares, cuz have ya seen those stinkin' shoes? The Are AWSOME. I added some pictures my Mom (thank you camera monkey mom) took on the toe cranking day. There's some more on my last post too.

Pretty great shoes huh? Thats all I have to say. Tooles.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The bum toe pity party.

So you should look at them cuz they are AWSOME I tell ya.

So it is 11:47 pm and I am up. I went in today for a bum toe cranking. That is what the Dr called it. He said he was going to crank it. Now does that sound pleasant to you? Me either. For you newbies to my bum toe my left big toe didn't bend. Like for 4 years it didn't bend so last May I finally had surgery on it. Well May was 5 months ago and my toe still doesn't bend. I have been going in every 3 or 4 weeks to the Dr and it has been the same non-bendy toe. I had a steroid shot in it that lasted about 3 hours. I have worn numbing patches that didn't make a darn bit of difference. And so Monday I went in for my checkup and he said "lets crank it" Well SURE that sounds fun to me. My Dad took me in today (for 7 more minutes it is today) and I had it cranked.

First he couldn't find a vein to give me some partial sedating so he just went ahead and numbed my nerves of my foot. That wasn't pleasant I tell you. Then, when it was good and numb he pushed my toe forward with all his might. It reminded me of the chiropractor when he puts his whole body into a re-adjustment. SCARY for my toe. I heard all sorts of noises that didn't sound good but when he was finished my numb toe bent! So I put on my cute high heel shoes he told me to bring and went on my merry way, walking like a chicken or some other strange thing that walks like they have a dead foot smooshed into a little spiky number. No offence to all you chickens out there. You are suppose to walk like that.

Now I am up, still with a numb foot, and nervous for it to be un-numb and hurting. Oh the Dr (who is is not a pleasure) also said that it was going to hurt because he tore some ligaments but just walk through the pain. UMMM high heels are painful without all the above mentioned ruckuses. I changed my mind. I just want to l forget about the whole thing and finish off my live in nurse shoes. That would be much less hurty.

Tomorrow is the Halloween carnival and the Trunk or Treat at our church. And I made the mistake of telling my children about them. Darn it. Wish me luck.

Ps. funny, the spell check doesn't recognize some of my words. Guess it doesn't speak "Hilarioun"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nothing to say.....MOM

I haven't blogged for a few because I don't have anything to say. Nothing exciting has happened, no one has said any interesting things. But that doesn't stop my dear Mom from FESTERING me to blog. Bless her Heart (Why don't you bug your eldest he hasn't blogged since Labor Day)

Mads is doing well after her "stinker" friends were stinkers. She has a little best friend "Bailey" at school and she is a pleasure. She is reading the Island of the Blue Dolphins by herself. I didn't read that book until I was 33 and living at my in-laws house while we build our abode in Santaquin. Mads is a reader pants. She said this morning that today was going to be great because her class gets to go to the Book Fair and we have Achievement Days after school. Achievement days are somewhat like Boy Scouts but for girls. It's an LDS thing and I am her ages leader. I love it. It is a great calling.
Rubes is playing Barbies all by herself. I love the sing song voices that little girls make when they play. Alzabeth used to so that in the tub. We always said we were going to record her voice while she bathed but never did. Now she's almost 20 and has an attitude that I don't think would sing song in the tub. Poor her.

Mighty M. (finally) has too much work. He is in construction (drywall finishing) and it has been a bit scary lately. But at least until the end of the year he is swamped with way to much to do. 2 of his crew quit this week and he already has 2 new guys working for him. The only bad thing is he has 2 new guys to TRAIN. He is the Webelos leader and doesn't love it. I told his to give it a year. So we'll see how it goes.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

So what do you do?

Mads (the 8 year old) was out playing with the neighbor kids who share out back yard when she came in and asked if she could go and meet the new girl that was moving in close by. We said yes and be safe. About 5 minutes later she comes in crying, and (finally) says that the new girl (who is 7) said she didn't like her. She is a tender one. Maybe if she wasn't my kid I would call her wussy or a cry baby but she is my kid so I call her "tender". Anyhow she was very upset about it, so we talked to her and got her convinced to go out and play with her friends (and the new girl) again. About 1 minute later she comes RUNNING in the house hysterically crying and says (we could kinda understand her through the hysterics) that all her friends said they didn't like her and they all ran away when she got close by. OH WOW was I ticked.

I went out and talked to the friends and the parents. Her friends came to out back door to appologize and of course she wouldn't talk to them. I don't want her to get picked on or be left out. She is already the oldest girl in our close neighborhood and older than her years (except for the crying at the mean girls) so I think she feels a bit different already.

So what should I do? How do I get her to not be so emotional and let things not bug her as much or how should I handle the rotten friends? Or just what do I do? I am not old enough for this business. I'm just too little. She's my "thing one" and I want her to always be happy and protected. Mom? Anybody?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What my 3 year old said...

mama, zagna (lazagna) starts with puu, puu, 'A'.
She has started pre-school and every week they learn a new letter and it's sound. She is not quite understanding but learning non the less.

Here I am, a blogger.

I am starting a blog firstly because I'm tired of my Mom saying "you should blog please start a blog why don't you blog" every time I speak to her. And often when I open my email and even on her blog. She took a poll once. I love my Mom the very most, and not just because I am her favorite child. Which I am.

I am secondly starting this blog because a few weeks ago I got my Journal out to write and the last entry was of my ultrasound when we found out we were having a girl. She's now three! I'm not sure I will post every day but I am quite sure I will post more than every 3 1/2 years. So now I blog. I hope you are satisfied people. I'm not sure I am.

I was having bloggers remorse last night. Laying in bed all anxious, wondering what I'll have to say and how often I'll say it and if my grammer will be correct. I don't have time for this. Then I thought of all my family and friends, living from California to Indianna plus also Canada who I miss every day and now they can read what we are up to and the silly things the chillins do and say. (Cuz they are funny little people) So I am feeling much better about my blogger situation.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008