Monday, March 28, 2011


Last week:

I get a phone bill $37.47
I pay the phone bill $37.47
They send me a letter saying I over paid by $37.47
They send me a reinburshment check for... yup $37.47
I "whu hoo" all the way to the bank to cash it.

This week:

I get a phone bill ......... for $37.47 PLUS $37.47 PLUS a dang late fee!


The smoke coming out of my ears is a sure sign that I am ticked!

don't cross me today.

the end

ps I don't know how to spell "reinburshment" and neither does the compter.

The end ............. again

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Max's Birthday.....

My husband turned another year older yesterday. He's 36 like me. Whu hoo.

Max is an excellent Dad and loves all 3 (4 if you count me) of his girls best of all. Plus, he's pretty handsome. I love most everything about him, even the stuff that make me not get my way. He is a super provider, and an extremely hard worker. On the weekends and when work is slow, I'm happy he's home. He's kind, fair and not judgemental. He is even nice when he asked for a clean house for his Birthday. My reply was not as nice.

The famous candle blowing picture. With the traditional German Chocolate cake, cake. HOMEMADE EVERYTHING--I'm just sayin'. We only had 3 and 6 candles instead of 36 total -- cause I'm nice.

How my people really look. Why is Maddy still cute?
Happy Birthday, big fella, I love you most of all.
The end.

Some Ruby business....

Do not adjust your glasses, it's true, you are seeing Ruby's Drinking Chart. Let me 'splain. She got super sick, (in the sickness that was called January and February 2011) and she wasn't drinking ANYTHING. We made her a drinking chart so there wasn't any dehydration or hospital visits. She got a sticker for every cup of liquid...water, kool-aid, Gatorade, juice, Mt Dew.....whatever I could get down her throat. That's all....

Then, she got a hole in her mouth. Her first tooth fell out, with a little help from her Mom, who couldn't stand the snaggle tooth any longer.

We're both so happy.

The Tooth Fairy didn't get to come for a few nights because Ru wanted to "look at her tooth still".

This is what Ruby's hair looked like on crazy hair/clothes day. (Dr Seuss' birthday week) Maddy's boy teacher didn't let them dress up cause they had a test that day and he thought it would be too distracting. Maddy's favorite day of the year is crazy hair/clothes day. At least she got to help with Ruby's outfit, which was equally as wack-a-doo.

This is what her head looked like after a wild night of sleeping. Pretty cute. Some people pay good money to get that from a salon.

That girl's a natural beauty, even with crazy hair.

THe end.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Daisy deserves better....

Daisy rolled over for the very first time, on her four month birthday, and no one saw it. Maddy and Ruby were sitting no more than 2 feet away from her, Max and I were in the kitchen in direct view and NOBODY saw her amazing accomplishment.

I looked over and saw her on her tummy, asked if anyone put her that way, then said that we were a terrible family.

THEN! To make matters worse, she did it a second time... and nobody saw it.....again...
She was quite pitiful about it.

Later that night I saw her starting to roll over, so I told everyone "Don't look at D, we wouldn't want to see her roll over or anything."

We HAVE seen her roll over, but she thinks the thrill is gone. We better watch out she might sell us to the Gypsies.

For now, we just make her tired.

And yes, those are heart shaped "PEACE DUDE" sign's she's wearing.

all we need is love...

The eND.