Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Darling Little Daisy -- 7 weeks

I can't believe Daisy is 7 weeks already! Why oh why doesn't pregnancy go by this fast?

This month, Daisy --USUALLY-- sleeps from 10pm until 3 or 4 am. And then is up again to eat at 6 or 7am. She makes her parents so happy when she does that business. She weighs 10 pounds 14 ounces which is as much as Ruby weighed the minute she was born! She has blue blue eyes and dark hair (but only a little bit).

She's awake much more now and doesn't think she needs to be eating every minute that she is awake. How happy for mom. Big yawn. (picture by Maddy)

She SMILES and coos bunches. (especially for her Mother) In fact I've been taking a few video's of her and her jibber jabbering, just with my camera. Who knew I could do that?

Christmas morning. She does NOT want to suffer for beauty. Sporting some leg warmers from Santa. Mostly she just wanted to be put down for a nap. Maybe next year she will be more interested in what Santa brought.

A little smile for Maddy. Maddy takes A LOT of pictures of Daisy. Mostly I never know about them until I download them to the computer.

Daisy is so fun to have in our family. We're all super happy she's here to party with us.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Ruby's Christmas Dance Recital 2010

The cutest girl had the cutest dance recital on December 14th. The recital lasted 45 whole minutes, it was during her normal class time, there were a total of 4! costume changes, and they danced about 325 dances...... Maybe not that many, but it sure seemed like it.

.....and was 100% worth all the trouble.
Showing off their mad "bar" skills.
Mostly this picture is about the eyelashes.
Mostly this one is about her photogenic abilities.
More mad dance skills.

This little angel dance really and truly made me cry, it was such a sweet little dance with all those cute little girls. (And we all know, I NEVER cry ;)

Mad dance skills....just not the right ones. Arms UP. Arms UP.

The end.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Kennon came to visit us last Saturday. She came to Utah for some work business but who cares about that? Pretty much we took pictures and visited and Kennon, the girls and Max played "Wig Out" while I fed Daisy. I did take a leave and went to Bunko, but in my defense it wasn't suppose to be on Saturday night, it was suppose to be on Thursday night. And since there were only 6 ladies there that night, I actually won one of the 5 prizes! Whu hoo!

Then, on Sunday we went to dinner at Max's parents house. Probably it's Kennon's parents house too. Anyway, we went to dinner and besides it being yummy, we did more sitting around and visiting. Daisy did what she LOVES best, and got held the entire night.

Grandfahr and his newest great granddaughter. I think he likes her.

Kennon getting her Daisy fix before she had to go back to Indiana.

LOVE this picture. Pretty sure Kennon LOVES this baby too.

Plus, there were MANY video clips taken of all three girls. Apparently Chris was very bugged that she was missing out. I know we were missing her. Kennon told us that Chris was very sad but being very grown up about her not getting to come out for a visit too......UNTIL she realized that there was a new baby Daisy to see. Then she wasn't so grown up about it anymore. It was my favorite story. We love that Chris loads and loads.

One Happy Baby. Kennon, we already miss you.

The end.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Polar Express 2010.....

We had the opportunity to go on the Polar Express ride in Lindon last Monday night. Sharon (Gwen's daughter) invited us. She had us over for biscuits and gravy (or jam) first. They have a family in their ward that's rigged a mini train all throughout their property. It's pretty dang amazing.

Max and Ru waiting for the ride to start.

All the gang (except Sharon).

The first stop was Santa's workshop where the girls got to tell Santa their most wanted presents this holiday season. Maddy said "books". Maddy wouldn't go sit on Santa's lap unless Ruby went with her.
After the workshop part they took us around the track where they has set up scenes from Jesus' life (like the manger scene and business like that) with all of Greg Olsen's paintings set up and pretty music playing. It was VERY cry baby emotional. And not just for me and my "just had a baby" hormones, other people cried too. I swear, it wasn't just me.

The family (minus Daisy) after the ride. Yes, I like making Maddy's arms do that.

The family (minus Daisy still) with Sharon's camera.

Sharon and Madds. She's such an awesome lady. We just love her...even if she didn't make me rolls and jam.
The view from the train.
Ru and Santa. She asked for a jewelry kit but forgot that instead she wanted a makeup kit. Too bad Santa doesn't love those things.

Grandma and Grandpa Smith came to Sharon and Clark's for dinner too. Then they watched Daisy so the rest of us could go on the train ride. I think Grandma Smith only came for the baby time.

We're waiting....we're waiting....
The end.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The rest of Thankful a day...... or not

Thank heavens November is O.V.E.R?

I was thankful for bunches of stuff, I just can't remember so well.

The end.