Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas morning 2010

Christmas was good. The girls had loads of fun during Christmas vacation. Mom didn't wanna run away from the girls even once during Christmas vacation. It was joyous and keen.

Christmas morning in new jammies. I told Mads that I didn't think I was going to buy pajamas for them this year since they really didn't need any. She got a little irate about that news, something about it being tradition.... blah blah blah. Fine. New JAMMIES.

And a new warm (and cute) robe for mom.

They DO love each other?

Just love that face.

Ruby didn't really ask for any presents. Oh except for a make-up kit. Not the play ones in the actual toy aisle, the ones that Wal-mart has around Christmas and are a 3 foot tall box full of cheap awful make-up. I told her that Santa and I talked and it wasn't gonna happen. It didn't... she was fine.

A Daisy for Christmas. She's more thrilled than this picture shows.

Maddy asked for Tie Dye duct tape. She got "tie dye" AND "peace dude". Spoiled.

This is Ruby's real actual face when they opened the Wii. Maddy had a good one too but switched when she saw the camera.

Daisy was super excited about the Wii too. She's just holding it inside.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I am NOT a Hoarder....

The other day, I asked Ruby to clean up her craft mess. The girls had made paper flowers from cut out pages. She picked up the cut out leftovers and started heading to her room.

She said "I wanna keep these"

Before I could say anything she said "I AM NOT A HOARDER"

Also, we were at SAVERS, the thrift store, the other day and she asked why there was some random thing to buy (I think a bookcase) I told her that someone didn't need it so they gave it to Savers.

She said "yeah, prolly cause they're not a hoarder anymore".

Ruby gets her wisdom and funny from her Mom.

PS I didn't color her hair again, just old pictures.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snow Day 2010.....

On the last day of school before Christmas break (Tuesday Dec 21st) Santaquin got about 20ish inches of snow. FIRST the schools cancelled the bus route---(hmm if the bus can't get to school, how are the kids going to get there?) and said that parents could choose weather or not to send their children to school---then they cancelled school all together. Those people are smarties.

The girls and the Dad spend the day sledding down the MOUNTAIN across from our house.

Who cares if it's freezing and snowing on me and my hair looks like I just stepped out of the shower.... IT'S A SNOW DAY!!!

Not that I don't love my garbage can and want a picture of it on our blog... I'm just trying to show the full effect of the snow heaped at our house. Also, that's only ONE of our heaps.
Plus, 2 days earlier there wasn't a spec of snow on the ground.

Max and Ru got plastered with snow going down the sledding run.... Ruby came in to tell me all about her whoa is me......then the clod of snow fell of her head and landed on her foot.

This is the face I got next. From pitiful to goofy in 1.3 seconds. That's my Ru.

Before we knew that school was cancelled, Max started shoveling... I think he started at 5:30 am. He pretty much was sledding or shoveling all dang day. He was a pooped Dad by the end of the day. See how there's already an inch of snow where he just shoveled? Good times.

It's hard work having fun.

Hi there Mama.

P S, the day before the Snow Day 2010, Ruby had a special "Polar Express" activity at school where they got to make their own train car (at home) and wear their pajamas to school. They invited anyone who wanted to come see all the Kindergarten classes walk around the school. her poor teacher, Miss Halter, was so sick that day. She said, "But you can't miss Polar Express day."

This is Ruby's car. It was not the most glamorous or fancy, but she decorated it EXACTLY how she wanted it (despite Maddy's suggestions). She was super cute.
The END again.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Daisy then and now...

I figured I'd post a quick picture or 2 of baby Daisy then and now.

Daisy Renee at zero days old. November 11th 2010-- 9 lbs 9 oz 20.5 inches.

Daisy Renee at 6.5 weeks old. December 27th, 2010. 10 lbs 14 oz -- height unknown but definitely taller :)
The end.