Friday, February 27, 2009

Tonsils and some other stuff...

I didn't take another picture, but by noon our snow was completely gone. ( Thank goodness for an east facing house) So Spring is back on.... welcome to Utah, people.

Today, the Ear Nose and Throat guy said that Elasta Girl's tonsils are bigger than golf balls and he can't see her adenoids (cuz of the tonsil largeness) but they are most likely huge too. He showed us on a poster diagram where her adenoids were and about how big they probably were. (no wonder she can't breathe) He asked if I had noticed her breathing through her mouth much. OH MY LANDS. ONLY EVERY DAY. Mouth breathers are one of my buggiest peeves ever. Just ask me. Or hang out with me for 5 minutes. I have suffered in (almost complete) silence with Elasta Girl because, frankly I didn't want to give her a complex. Or be mean.

Her surgery is scheduled for Thursday March, 26th. I KNOW. A month away, I was almost a bummed about it as Elasta Girl. ( I think she was hoping for Monday) She will miss 7 days of school and as soon as she is ready to go back... Spring break will start. She won't actually go back to school until April 12th. Oh, I hope we survive the break.

As for those sad pictures of the girls from the last post: Elasta girl wasn't as sad that morning as she was tired. Although, she is always a bit sad when I wake her up for school. She was actually rubbing the sleep out of her eyes and not so much crying.

Roo WAS sad. She was sad that morning because I told her she couldn't have OREO's for breakfast. I know, I know. I'm so MEAN. So there you have it. One tired and one sad. It makes for a delightful morning.

Spring? Nope, not yet...

I deleted my original post by accident, this is as much as I can remember. I don't have all your comments on this post but they are in my heart, and my email. So yeah for me.

Spring left. Now it is winter again. The good news is the snow is melting rapidly on the driveway so when I take Elasta Girl to the ear, nose and throat doctor later today* I won't have to shovel. Yeah for me, again.

As you can see, I always were the appropriate shoes for the weather.

See this guy,

his girls miss him.

He has been out of town working since EARLY Monday morning and won't be back until tomorrow. We can hardly wait.

Hurry home fella.

* I finally took Elasta Girl to the Dr after her telling me her ears hurt for 3 weeks or so. She did have mild ear infections. He looked in her throat and was amazed by her tonsils. He used words like: "monstroserous" and "boulders" Which mean, bigger than HUGE. He asked if she has been having a hard time breathing (remember my post about a month ago, when we had to stay home from our date because she was breathing weird? We thought she was faking sick- well I guess she wasn't. I'm a nice Mom)

We went back to our regular Dr on Wednesday and he referred us to the Ear nose and throat Dr. We'll keep you posted.

PS My original post was way better than this one.

Monday, February 23, 2009

a weekend in the life...

Saturday morning was very successful. The girls washed the bathroom. With involves them changing in to matching "work" outfits. They got the tub wet, poured COMET in it and scrubbed with sponges - on their feet. Their method takes a REALLY long time. But since I don't have to do it it is sooooo worth it. Plus, it is something they love, and can do together - with out arguing. EVEN BETTER.

Elasta Girl washing off her legs. She really gets into her work.

While the girls were on bathroom duty, Mr Smith and I were making mischief in Roos room. NOT THAT KIND!

We were taking down Roo's toddler bed and bring up her "big girl" bed. Which looks similar to a twin mattress and box spring on the floor.

Her first reaction to her new bed - after the camera was ready.

Her second reaction, Which involved JUMPING like crazy. She was super excited. If we could all be as happy with something as simply (or lame) as a mattress on the floor.

I asked her the next morning, if she fell out of the bed in the night and she said: "yeah, it was funny".

After our inside jobs were finished, we headed outside to finally take down the Christmas lights. Saturday was so warm and sunshiney that we didn't even wear jackets. Mr. Smith worked in the garden for a bit and the girls road their scooters. Elasta Girl had a spill and skinned her knee. Which was about the end of the world for her, until we distracted her with the job of holding the Ziploc bag of Christmas light hangers. Crafty, aren't we?

We had lunch and then Mr Smith took the girls and his sis Meghan fishing. I didn't go with. Yippy. And since this is my blog, that is all I'll say about the TRAUMA of me not going with.

I ran errand instead. Alone time, all by myself. It was glorious.

Sunday, the girls and I went to church. After that we went to Mr Smith's parents house to visit the Grandpa who had back surgery on Friday. He is doing rather well. Somehow, we got conned into staying for dinner. It was delicious. And somehow, Meghan got tricked into face painting.

Now it's Monday and Mr Smith is gone working far far away for the whole week. And that's lonely.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Spring is almost starting to maybe think about coming....perhaps

I have no reason for these pictures of Roo, except for she is so stinkin' cute. Even when she pouts. I think she was mad because we were going inside. I don't have any pictures of Elasta Girl because she wouldn't stop riding her scooter long enough for me to take one. Too bad for her. And us.
Now, for the spring part of the show.
Our bulbs are coming up!

We still have snow on the ground, but bulbs mean spring is nearly here, right?

Every spring, summer and fall for all 3 of the years we have lived at this house Mr Smith has done something every evening, that I HATE.

The garage door opens, the girls, yell "Daddy's home" and we wait and wait and wait for the dad to come inside. It doesn't ever happen. First we think he is on his phone, then we think maybe he is visiting with a neighbor, then we start to be bugged and finally we go searching for him. He is always here.... the garden - doing dirty stuff. Last night we found him turning the soil in his planter beds. He read in some crazy planting book that you could start planting as soon as you could turn the soil. He has been trying every day since. He was getting so excited with every new worm he found, he would make me come and look at each one. I was not as excited as he was.

I suppose I would rather him be here, than at a greasy unmentionable place after work. All I want him to do is come say "hello" first. It's not too much to ask is it? You know, so we feel we are more loved and more important to him than the garden. I KNOW we are more loved and important than the garden so don't get all huffy and yell people.


And after. Isn't it spectacular?

The end.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elasta Girl and the Science Fair...2009

Elasta Girl and her best friend Bailey did a project for the Science Fair at their school this year. Third graders don't have to enter, but they wanted to this year. I think really it was just so they could get together a few extra times to play.

They chose to see how juice cleaned pennies. They chose 6 different juices and soaked a penny in each one for an hour, then posted to results.

They thought LIME juice would work the best, and they were right. I wasn't. They spelled "pennies" wrong on their board, so where they misspelled it they stuck a picture of the two of them.

They had a lot of fun doing the experiment and decorating the board. Thank heavens for Bailey's mom, who has all sorts of scrapbooking and crafting paraphernalia. (And the creativity too)

We just LOVE Bailey and enjoy having her over. Elasta Girl and her are great friends and I hope they are friends forever. (Kinda like Em and me - except less dorky) Bailey's Mom told me the other day that she (Bailey) said they can't ever move because she can't leave her M****. (oops, Elasta Girl) Every one needs a friend like that. We love Bailey!

Science - not so much.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yesterday was fun...

I don't have much excitement today, Roo and I went yesterday and bummed around while Elasta Girl and my Mom went to lunch and a movie for Elasta Girl's birthday. Elasta Girl wanted to do that instead of getting a "thing" gift. Good choice E.

Roo and I went to exciting McDonald's for lunch. Then went to Target and Peerless (a beauty supply store) and just for fun, a party supply store too. Then my dad called and we went to Costco with him. Lost my car keys for a bit, No worries, found them in the ignition. I don't have my own card to Costco and so if I buy something I have to pay cash. I only had 15 dollars cash so I just bought some eggs and string cheese for Mr Smith's and Elasta Girl's lunch.

After Costco I went to pick up our stuff at Color Me Mine that we did for Elasta Girls birthday. (pictures later) After that, I met my Mom at Roberts Craft and bummed with her and Elasta Girl there, and at the dollar store and Good Earth for a few then came home. I also went to the Wonder bread outlet and bought some cheep baked goods. Whole wheat hot dog and hamburger buns, some whole grain bread, English muffins (for cheese puffs) and some little cups of Mandarin Oranges just for Roo.

Today is is suppose to snow, snow, snow. And I am going out with my friend Jeanne tonight, so I hope it doesn't snow. Plus, I am tired of winter anyway.

Boring, I know. But a post none the less.

The End.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ru needs her own blog...

Yesterday, Ru came running in to me saying: " Mama, there is a cat outside and I need to bark at it." Now that would be funny just by itself, but then I asked her why she needed to bark at the cat, And she said: "Because, it will be scared - and that's funny."

The Family Love Day...

(A.K.A. Valentines day 2009)

We didn't do much today, Mr Smith did do a little drywall this morning, he was gone for about 45 minutes. Then we all just stayed home because the weather was so crummy. A shocker, I know. I am so over winter.

We made this love note heart garland at Activity days on Wednesday. We left a little pocket in one of the hearts to leave "love notes" in for our family members. This one is Elasta Girls. She didn't think we had seen her note, so she tucked it in a more noticeable spot.

During the day the girls made Mr Smith and me Valentines.

These two are mine.

And, these two are Mr Smith's

Aren't they sweet? I love our girls.

We were very glamorous and extravagant this year. I got Mr Smith a $6 seed starting "thing" and he got me a rose shaped chocolate and a Valentine mug from the dollar store.

We gave the girls both stuffed animal puppy dogs. But mostly, we had a yummy dinner.

For a couple of years now, I have decorated the dinner table on Valentines Day with crape paper, candles and candy.

Ru was saying "Mom, what are you doing? Like the hands on her hips? She means business.

I made "egg noodle" Alfredo ( I didn't have any fettuchini noodles) with grilled chicken and broccoli. A nice one dish dinner. (spell check doesn't understand my "fettuchini" spelling)

French bread and butter,

and sparkly strawberry lemonade to drink. (Country Time strawberry lemonade mixed with 2 cans of Sprite and some sliced strawberries just to be fancy)

It is also a tradition to make caramel fondue for dessert. I was to preoccupied eating the caramel fondue to take pictures of it. But we had apples, bananas, pears and donuts to dip. It was perfect.

Elasta Girl drew hearts on her and Ru's face but they didn't stay very long. Thank heavens for washable markers. As a side note: I tend to color streaks in Ru's hair with Crayola markers from time to time. All the while saying: "don't ever do this to yourself "

And a little crack for your viewing enjoyment. Happy Valentines Day everybody.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Silly Ru....and an explanation

On a happier note. Last night, when Ru and I were getting ready to read (yet another) Berenstein Bear book before bed she said: "Wait Momma, I need a little help getting my panties out of my wedgie."

My "LAST POST" explanation:

Ok about that last post, let me explain: but first, all the boys who may or may not read this blog stop reading right now. - It will be too much information for you. Especially if you are one of my relatives. - We aren't trying for a baby. I was just a few days later than my normal 28 day self, and started thinking maybe I am, how fun for me. I counted on my calendar about 20 times in the past few days just to make sure I was as late as I thought I was. I was but not late enough I guess. Hence, the sadness.

With the construction business in the crapper as it is right now, Mr Smith is doing less work and for less money. Oh, and since our $5ooo.oo maternity deductible switched to $65oo.oo at the first of this year we won't be having another baby anytime soon. We have some savings but probably will have to use it to live off of unless the economy makes a B-line for gloriousness. I blame our new President. Just Kidding. He's doing great.

So, for all you commenter's, I am better, I was better last night even. I just needed a 12 hour sad moment. And for the record, I would be DELIGHTED to be "surprise" pregnant. (don't tell Mr Smith, he may have a heart attack) OK There you have it.


Thought I might be....

.................................But I'm not.

Now I'm sad.

Don't worry about me. We want another but REALLY don't have the dollars to have one just yet. It's OK. I'll be fine.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Ahhh Elasta Girl, my sweet little 9 year old daughter.
It's Elasta Girls 9th birthday today- FINALLY. I don't feel all that great about her being 9. Next year she will be in double digit's.

I was woken up this morning to a "Hi, Mama - I'm nine!" And then I think there was a "oh yeah" in there somewhere too. It's hard to remember.

We gave her a new digital camera (leopard print) a cute shirt and skirt that fits her perfect, a book about a little girl who finds an abandoned alley to explore (called: The Alley) a Taylor Swift CD and a fashion design set to make her own (mini sized) dresses, complete with a mini dress dummy. It is AWESOME.

After the camera was opened.

After the skirt and shirt were opened, She was saying "WOW WOW WOW"

This is after the fashion design set was opened, she attached Mr Smith with LOVE. I think this picture is so sweet.

Remember the Scout Banquet? This is what I was doing while they were biding on cakes. Oh well, can't have too much cake can you?

Her are 9 things I love about Elasta Girl:
  • She always wants to do what's right
  • She has the sweetest smile
  • She LOVES books (love really isn't strong enough)
  • She is KIND to everyone (even the smelly boys and catty girls)
  • She minds even when I forget that I have asked her to do something
  • Her DIVA fashion sense
  • Her cute head and all those curls (even if we flat iron the curls away sometimes)
  • How she never forgets her scriptures for church
  • How her teachers talk about her (they all think she is great too)
  • How she doesn't do what everyone else does.

I know that was 10 but what am I suppose to do when I have a daughter that is so great?

E-Girl I love your guts and enjoy you being my daughter sooo much. Happy Happy Birthday. Enjoy this one, for you are not allowed to have any more. I forbid you to grow up, its a new family rule.

Scout Blue and Gold Banquet...

Last night was the Blue and Gold Banquet for the Scouts. Mr Smith is the Webelos (age 10) scout leader and so we were all invited. Except for poor Ru had a fever of 102 and a gnarly cough and was feeling just poor and pitiful. Her and I stayed home with all the germs.

I haven't been to a Scout banquet since I was little and was sort of looking forward to it. They have a cake auction to raise money for the Scouting program, the cakes are made by each Scout aged boy (or their mom) and auctioned off to the highest bidder. This is the cake Elasta Girl bid on. She picked it because it looked like it had LOTS of frosting on it. I don't know where she gets her frosting obsession from...

Here it is again about 30 minutes after her and Mr Smith got home.

Oh relax, Mr Smith and Elasta Girl each had a SMALL piece and then we gave a chunk to our neighbor friend who is without his family this weekend.

This is pretty much what little Ru did while Mr Smith and Elasta Girl were away.

I had given her some prescription cough and congestion medicine and apparently it made her sleepy. "Sleeping" isn't really the best description for what she was doing. She was OUT. This is how I found her 10 minutes after I got off the couch.

I fixed her all comfy like and don't really think she noticed. She's much better today...