Friday, August 19, 2011

To Max, Our 16th!! anniversary......

Happy anniversary to my fella. I first fell in love with you (on our first date) because you were so sweet to your baby sister, and am in more love with you today because how you love your own baby girls. You're the super best Dad that 3 beautiful little girls could ever dream of. I love you bigger than the whole sky. Most of the time... more, and sometimes less.

I love your guts, and your butt. But what's even better, is you love MY guts and MY butt................don't say "butt".

You're the cutest boy I've ever met. Before I met you, I asked my Mom "how will you know when you meet your husband?" She said "He'll look like Robert Redford", she said other stuff too but that Robert Redford comment is the only thing that stuck. I was terrified. I though "but don't think I like Robert Redford, he's OLD , and I don't want to marry someone who looks like him". Now, I get what she ment. Max, You're way better than Robert Redford.

You're the most honest and true husband that's ever lived. Even if you think it'll get you in trouble. You always think I'm beautiful, even if I'm a dirty jammie body. You always LOVE what I've made for dinner, and if you don't, you're always appreciative that I made you dinner. You tell my the house looks nice, even if just a little bit of it is clean.

You are very hard to argue with, even thought I try super hard sometimes. You really do try to see where I'm coming from. I've loved you till my heart hurts, and only a couple of time "hated" you with a vengeance. Bless your heart. You put up with my hair brained ideas and go with them even if they are hair brained, which come to find out (later) that they really are. It's a good thing we don't have to make our own ice cubes anymore :)

You're fun to hang out with, snuggle with (but only for a minute), talk to and be comforted by. I love you truly and forever.

That's all.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nine months in/ nine months out.....

It's true, The Daisy Renee is 9 months old. She is doing all sorts of naughty things. Maddy tells her "that's WRONG Daisy" when she does them, cause it is.

Some of the naughty stuff she does is, She started rolling around EVERYWHERE at 4 months, crawling at 5 months, pulling herself up to standing at 6 months, standing up in the middle of the room with out any help at 8 months and at 9 months has taken many steps, many times. The most we've counted is 8, no 11 no, a lot of steps in a row. She also does all this stuff at high speed. She acts like She's had a few cans of Mountain Dew.....which she hasn't.......just to be clear.

Oh, and she has 6 teeth. She got her 2 bottom ones first, then 2 top ones, but not the 2 middle top ones, the ones next to those so she was vampire baby for a couple of weeks before her 2 top middle ones grew in. She's 19 lbs 9 oz so she's gained exactly 10 lbs in 9 months.... I wish I had only gained 10 pounds in 9 months.

Holding Uncle Heed's hand at 7 months. How cute is that? It's super cute. That Uncle Heed, he's a big softy.

Patriotic pedicure by Dad at almost 8 months. Yes Dad.

7 months. She just thought of a funny joke. Or maybe she has a prize in her drawers.
Or maybe, she knows something we don't...

Almost 8 months with Dad and his Mt Dew shirt. Yummy yummy. She probably likes that shirt cause last fall I wore it to Bunko (8 months preggers) when my friend told us to wear our favorite "team" clothes. GO Team DEW. We don't watch sports and I'm pretty sure I don't look good in Camoflauged.

Just an 8th month old face. Wondering what Mom is doing saying "Daisy, Daisy, Daisy look over here. No over HERE. DAISY!". That's wrong. I think she can say "mama" cause sometimes she'll speed crawl after me saying "ma ma ma ma mamamamamamamama" But that could maybe be coinscience. She also said "Hi Dad", plain as day, about a month ago, but we aren't counting that for real.

She likes to crawl (at the speed of light) under things. Then get very stuck. How much do we love that her name is Daisy? There are Daisy things to buy EVERYWHERE. Don't mind the bag of trash in the background. We like to leave it there so she'll play in it.

Her family likes to put her IN things to keep her stationary for a few seconds. She might be trying to figure out how to call "the people" that help children who are being abused....... Does being put in a laundry tote count as abuse? At least we don't push her down the stairs in the laundry basket like my brothers did to me.

Her 9 month picture...... I sat her in the middle of the floor so I could take a nice sweet picture of her and by the time I got my camera from my hand to my eye, this is what I saw. Lightening fast and a bit rotten.

Afterwords, I got this fine picture. She doesn't sit still for anything!

We sure love this kid. Maddy's new saying is "oh Daisy, I love'a cause a coot" It sounds better when Maddy says it.

We do love'a. Daisy and you are coot.

The end.

PS You may have noticed that I've lost my funny bone. It is due to financial stress and a messy house and perhaps too many hours in the house with my children. School starts Monday.

The end.