Sunday, November 30, 2008

Super Saturday...

About a month ago (at least) our Relief Society Enrichment had a Super Saturday, which is Saturday of craftiness and lunch for all the Relief Society ladies. My friend Jessica (who can do almost anything) is the Enrichment leader and she put together all sorts of very cute things to do. Some were her ideas and some were others. Here is what I chose to do. This idea was out of a Martha Stewart Living magazine she had saved.
These plates were already painted red and glazed we just traced the patterns on and dotted the enamel paint with the pattern. You can buy the paint at the craft store, after you paint it on and it is dry, you bake it for 30 minutes at 350. And voila! Cuteness galore.

This pitcher was just an IKEA special for about 2 bucks. This is her pattern also I just copied it. It is so easy and turned out so cute.

This is my own purchase from IKEA, it was in the plant and potting section it was also 2 bucks. It is now my kitchen utensil holder. She let me use some paint and my own special design.

If you've been to my house, my plates are next to my mirror in my kitchen (where I do your hair) and my little pitcher is on my shelves by my sink.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Best Day EVER...

Yesterday I had the best day ever. I got to spend it with my best friend Em. The whole day. It was excellent. - This is not her regular shirt. It is the shirt I gave my Dad for Fathers day (to be funny) He didn't want it. How ungrateful. Actually, I needed something to wrap so he didn't know I got him a gift card. But how cute is she even in the awful shirt.

Mr Smith and Em's husband went coyote hunting all day so I lured her down to my house with promises of a haircut, which she has been needing for about 2 months. My plan worked, she came down around 10am and stayed until nearly 4pm. I was in heaven. We put her 1 year old down for a nap and the older kids played for many hours. We visited, cut hair, opened very late birthday presents, ate lunch, and snacks and visited more.

Em and Oaklee.

And again

I have needed my Em for a very long time. We used to talk on the phone at least once a day, every day. But with kids, illnesses, school and our own silly stuff it is about once a week if we are lucky. It is mostly my fault since she is WAY more busy than I am. But in my defense I am not the best caller.

We have been friends since Jr High when we had all 7 classes together. We didn't know each other at all and at lunch that first day her best friend and my best friend were friends so we ate lunch with them. We were instant friends and in high school were inseparable. People were confused when we weren't together. (even our families)

She now has a 5year old Lilli (Lillian), a 3 year old Bridger and a 1 year old Oaklee. No wonder we never see each other. She is ultra busy. She is great at everything she does. She is the best mom (way better than me) She is super patient, extra fun and can laugh at herself (which is a skill I haven't gotten yet) and with others.

After I had my almost 11 pound Rubs, and was so not feeling great, she came down (when she was 8 months pregnant with her own 10 pound baby) and cleaned my house while I sat and watched. I thought she was just coming to visit and see the baby but she cleaned bathrooms instead. That's the kind of friend I have. She is the best.

Here's Bridger, This is his Vampire face. The gori-ness is his own. Apparently he has some rambunctious Uncles he was playing with on Thanksgiving Day, he tripped on a rock in the back yard. He is a tough one.
Yesterday, Rubs asked him if he liked Fairies, he rolled his eyes and made a disgusted noise and was on his way. It was so funny. He 's total boy.

Thanks for the best day ever, Em I loved every minute of it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Color me Mine...

Today (since there was no school) Mads and I went to Color me Mine, with my friend Little Jessica* (yes, that is what I call her) and her daughter Ashton and the little brother Christian, for Ashton's birthday. Her birthday is on Friday and for her party she wanted to go with Mads to Color me Mine.

How very delightful since that is our favorite place on the planet.

We met them at 1pm and chose our stuff. Mads picked a little penguin figure about 4 inches high and a tiny angel about 1 and a half inches tall. She painted the penguin so cute and the angel was painted with her coloring. I did a tall mug and copied Mads and did an angel for Ruds to have.

Ashton chose a Taco Bell dog. (NO I can not spell it's actual name and the spell check doesn't recognize my spelling of it at all. THE NERVE) She painted it so cute. Her brother chose a penguin mug that was awesome. Little Jessica painted a square bowl it was red and yellow and the inside was black with polka dots! I might steal it later.

I am telling you this all because I didn't take ANY pictures! I am not a camera monkey today. I talked about pictures and blogging but as I was getting out of the car at my moms (thanks for watching Rubs, parents) it dawned on me that we forgot pictures. I will snap some of the finished product. We get our loot back on Monday night so I'll post some pictures next week.

We had loads of fun. Thanks for the great day guys.

* I met Little Jessica in Beauty school, she is a fabulous stylist and an even cooler friend. I have always said that I went to school to meet her and it was just a bonus that I learned to do hair. She is kind and caring and way more patient with children than I am and I love her lots.

The End and Happy Thanksgiving for all those Americans. For the Canadians we love, Happy Thursday to you the weekend is near.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New table for me....

I finally have a real dining set after 13 years of being married. After all the hoopla of ordering a set and waiting for 5 weeks longer than they told me. Then when it finally arrived having it be damaged (the table and almost every chair) and being stressing about calling to complain and being brave and telling them to come and get it and give me my money back, even though they were suppose to be a final sale and getting my way, and sending a set back. Its here and it's beautiful. We are real grown up people now.

My sister-in-law (who I love) bought new couches and took pictures of them from about 5 inches away from the leather and posted them on her blog. Something about, her and Heed want us all to come up and visit and then we can see their new stuff in real life and in person. Hogwash! I'll show you right now. I don't want any of you to come and visit. Then I'd have to clean. I mean, Visitors are delightful.

I have 8 chairs and 2 leaves for the table so we can have loads of you over. But not right now. tootles.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wax on wax off...

Today before church I decided that I couldn't stand my eyebrows any longer. While the wax was heating up I asked "who wants me to wax their eyebrows?" Silly Mr. Smith (that's Mighty M's new name by the way-I'm in charge, I changed it) said "oh me, I do." Rubs said "me too, I want you to wax my eyebrows." If you know me, I have waxed Mads eyebrow (just in the middle so he had 2 and not 1) but I only did it when she was old enough to ask and understand that it doesn't feel great. Well, I have felt the same about Rubs. Not until she was old enough to understand. Right? So I explained to her in 3 year old terms and she still wanted me to wax her uni-brow. Yes, she actually said "uni-brow" She's my child remember.
The Before. Note her smiley happy face and furry brow. I think it is rather cute. But I think she is rather cute.

Her is another so you can get the full effect. She's a darling child uni-brow and all.

And the after. She was very upset and not in love with her mother at this moment. Or for many moments after that one. Poor little crumb.

Here's another one. You can't see, but she had big crocodile tears and everything. I am not winning Mother of the Year today. Maybe tomorrow. Today I am a turkey.

Gobble gobble.

Friday, November 21, 2008

what the kids are saying 2

Yesterday Mads was making her lunch before school. She was taking chicken noodle soup, apple sauce and a Fiber One granola bar (those things are good) and water. She got it all packed and was zipping up her lunch tote when all the sudden she stopped, got a bendy straw, put it in her lunch tote and put her tote in her school bag. Me, feeling confused, asked what the straw was for? She simply said: "For all the brothy goodness"

This picture is when she was 5 and lost her first tooth but how cute is she. I hope I didn't get rid of that night gown, it was pink with brown polka dots and oh so soft.

Then today I was helping Rubs clean up the huge disaster of her room. I asked her if I should help her make her bed and she says: "yes, I a maned it" (I demand it) She was smiling so I didn't find much offense to her a maned-ing it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Childhood rabies

My child has rabies! Call the authorities.

She's coming to attack us.

Oh wait, It's just toothpaste. FHeww. That was a close one.

the cutest pigs....ever

I have a girls night out group that meets at someones house every second Wednesday of the month for dinner and fun and visiting. It is fun and you can't miss it or else! Well, ever since I joined the "cool girls club" they have all had delicious toe nails which they show off each time we meet. We make socked people un-sock and everything. They are not just painted well, they are works of art, every last toe. Yesterday I finally went to the secret toe artist, she's a little Oriental woman that lives three cities away from me. Oh the things we do for beauty. I took 20 minutes, she had a portable DVD player for Rubs to watch Finding Nemo on, when she was almost finished she asks "do you want a sparkle in your snowflakes?" (Well yes doesn't everyone) and they best part of all was she charged me 9 bucks!

The only problem with this situation (besides the fact that I need a tan) is that I don't want to wear my cute heels because then no one will see my fantastic toes. Oh the trauma.
Mads painted her own toes last night using my pigs to copy. You can't see how cute they are but she did a great job and hers were free.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't try this at home

Did anyone watch Oprah today? She had on amazing and talented kids. Her last guests were these three 16 year old girls who travel with Cirque de Soleil. They were both amazing and talented with their strength and bendiness. I highly suggest watching it online if you can.

Mads watched it with me and thought she should practice, and I ask you---is this normal?

Oh, look I can scratch my feet...

And this picture is just mean and hurtful to bum toes everywhere...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lions and aliens and pepperoni oh my

Just to let you know, Rubs doesn't like lions or aliens. I know because she just told me when I went to check on her. She was sleeping and has a bit of a cold. She started coughing so I went in to see if she wanted some cough medicine. She nodded yes and then said "Mama, I don't like lions or aliens".

Earlier this evening we were all 4 watching TV (some nature show about Dogs if you were wondering) and she said "Mama, carrots are NOT pepperoni". That kid is a pleasure I tell you.

PS. Rubs hair...Yes I did it to her but in my defense she did ask me to.

Daddy Daughter date...

I told you I'd write about the Daddy Daughter date, I never said I'd post a picture. (but only because I didn't take any. whoopsie)

It was a pretty great evening. All but one of my girls came. One came all dolled up in her church clothes with glitter and everything. (we don't actually wear glitter to church) she was quite a sight. We started out with dinner, 4 different soups, rolls, fancy bread sticks, the customary baby carrots and dip and 4 kinds of rice krispyish treats. It was all yum.

I was in charge of welcoming everyone and assigning a who do you think I asked to pray? That's right, I asked my husband. I had to get him back for EVERY TIME we have family or friends over and he asks me to say the prayer. Some times I just look at him and say "OKAY" before he has a chance to ask me. That's when I think I'm SO funny.

So after the prayer we ate and then we played a game, all the girls and dads sat in a (almost) circle and the other teacher said stuff like "have you driven in a truck today? and if they had they ran and grabbed a candy out of a bowl in the middle of the circle. You wouldn't think this game would be fun but seeing grown men racing for dum dum suckers and starbursts is pretty entertaining.

When that was finished we played my game. Country music Charades. It was a hit. I had about 25 different songs some from way back and current ones too, they had to act it out for the rest of the group to guess. Now when MY dad and I did this at MY Daddy Daughter Date 100 years ago, our song was "Tumblin' Tumbleweeds" and my dad actually did a somersault and got a rug burn on his poor bald head. Well, the Dad that got that one made his daughter do it instead. What is the matter with Dads today?

We did a craft after the charades. It was cutting out a bunch of leaves from paper and a tree shape from poster board. Then you (with your family) write what you are thankful for on the leaves and tape them on the tree. This was the other teachers idea and she does every year with her family at Thanksgiving. She has saved the leaves from every year which I think is so cute. Some of them just have pictures drawn because her kids were too small to write. I think I'll start this in our family. She makes a tree big enough to tape on to a door.

We were finished after the tree craft and even better while they were cutting out the leaves and trees all us leaders cleaned up so we were pretty much finished by the time they were. It was 2 hours from beginning to end. I am not dead or even dog tired. It was a great night.

The End

Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas is coming the goose goose run

I don't have anything to write about this picture except for she is so cute. I love that little Ru.

Tonight is my Daddy Daughter Date for the Activity Girls (age 8 - 11) in our ward. I'm sure I will post about it tomorrow, if I survive. It is a fall themed night and I am tearing down all my decor in my house to use for our party. I'm not really sure it is going back up when I get home. I think I'll just have bare shelves and naked walls until the Christmas stuff gets put up. I feel really good about this idea. Don't you?
I feel good abut my decision because I went to Target the other day and bought these...

They weren't on sale or anything. Can you believe me? I just bought them full price and all. Aren't they delightful.

I bought 2 of the birds nest snow globes because both the girls "needed" one for their ornament this year and I bought the other one for Mads because 2 years ago Rubs broke Mads snow globe/socking ornament and she wanted to say sorry to Mads. I'm sure Mads will be sore about it for the rest of her days. That is what siblings do right?

That's all loveyoubye.h

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

shoe thiefs...the nerve!

So, I can't wear my cutest shoes anymore. Not that my bum toe hurts to bad (which it does, but I was suffering for beauty) I just have a shoe thief....

"Can you blame me" she says...

At least she takes after her mother and wears high hills with pajamas.

I can't wear my flip flops either...

"my sister made me do it" she says...

Maybe I should put my shoes away when I'm not wearing them. Nahhhh that would make Mighty M. WAY to suspicious. He would wonder who I was and what I had done with his wife.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day Celabration

On Sunday night Mighty M and I went with his parents to a Veterans Day Fireside held at the Brigham City Tabernacle in Brigham City, Utah. (Thanks Megs for watching the girls for us) It was in honor of all Veterans but for us it was in honor of one great and wonderful Man, Mighty M's Grandfather, Max Weaver. Here he is with his cute new bride Gwen.

The Fireside started out with patriotic songs from the Brigham City choir. Then remarks by a Major General and if I would have known about the printed programs I would have written his real actual name. More singing songs then, the most important part of the evening, the passing out of medals awarded to the Veterans. These men fought for our country but never had a ceremony to receive their awards. There were about 15 or 20 men standing tall and proud. Here are some of them. That's Grandfahr with the bunches of white hair second from the left. He was by far the cutest one up on the stage. Sorry about the dark pictures.

They also had the men stand as the choir sang their "theme song" I don't think it's a theme song but Heidi called it that so it must be good. Anyway, you get the idea.

Here is a close up of him on stage with my mediocre camera. (the picture taker isn't that great either) Sorry about the head chop. You couldn't tell this night but Grandfahr has a not so great back and has a hard time standing, let alone completely straight up for long periods of time. Not that night. He was regal, strong and handsome as the dickens.

The medals he received that night were the Bronze Star, The Korean War Service Medal and the Combat Infantry Badge. He fought in WWII and the Korean War.

Here is a picture of him and his girls. Jackie (far left) Grandfahr, Debbie next to him and lastly (and my favorite girl) Mighty M's mom Heidi.

It was a great night, and I'm so glad we got to share Grandfahr's important night with him. I am so grateful to be part of his wonderful family. And I couldn't love him more if he were my real actual Grandpa. Plus I know he loves me just the same.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


And here is the finished product. Cleaned by 11:30am. You'll notice I now have a puny pile in my small and attractive basket. It is stuff like "emergency checklist" papers and the booklets you get from the church about taking care of your finances, the old cell phones are still there and receipts for our wall paint so I can go to the store and get some to touch up with.....The touch up paint is our little secret.

Now when Max got home from work he put his stuff right on my clean counter. Can you believe him? There is just something about a horizontal surface that makes you want to fill it up. In my parents house growing up it meant you were suppose to sit on that surface. And we did.

To tell you the truth, I didn't notice Max had set his business there and at dinner I asked him if he noticed anything different. He immediately looked at my hair, which was not done by the way, to see if I got a haircut. I looked over at the counter and "GASPED" I think I said a "how dare you" in there too. I RAN to get my camera (for the evidence) and it clicked in his brain and we raced to the counter. It was pretty silly, looking back now. He got to there first and grabbed his stuff. I made him put it back so I could take the picture. HOW DARE HE.
Now you may want to side with him. "where is he suppose to put his stuff" you may say. Well don't! He has this...

...the right side of the cupboard above the counter. It's disastrous. And he asks me where stuff in that pile is too. Maybe I'll do that today. Or perhaps maybe I'll poke him in the eye.

Friday, November 7, 2008



Here's Rubs on her way out to play in the snow Wednesday morning. She played for about 10 minutes, then her mitten came off and her hand got snowy and cold. She did go out later with her friend and they played for 10 more minutes then it was lunch and nap time. Poor Rubs, when she got up the snow had melted. She asks when it is coming back. Soon child much to soon.


Her are my shoes on my very feet. I can walk and there is only a little pain when I first put them on and a bit more when I take them off. Maybe my feet are numb while they are in the shoes, I don't know. But Oh happy day that I can wear them. I went for a checkup with Dr Cranky on Monday, He said to keep wearing my heels and come back in a month, "maybe we'll do it (crank my poor toe) again" OH REALLY! The good thing is he didn't say more surgery. That is "oh happy day"

My bum foot. I'm still wearing my pajamas, by the way.

And now to the WHAT I'M DOING TODAY...


AND more importantly THIS...

These are my piles. The one is not so bad. Just grocery ads and food magazines. That one is cake. The next one is the PAIN of my very existence. It is ALWAYS a mess. It is THE mess by the phone. Can you even see the phone? Can you see that basket? I got that to house my phone mess. It didn't work. I was just going to have that much stuff to deal with all wrapped up in a neat and attractive basket. The basket now has old cell phones and chargers and batteries and instruction booklets and old broken toys (Rubs is a devastator) and perhaps some spider webs-although I hope not.

I always need stuff from that pile. Mighty M always asked me if I have some paper or check stub or receipt. I say "yes" and point. He is an eye roller. He just looks at the mess and says "it's OK I don't need it now" I'm sure that means "clean it up and find my receipt" but I don't. I am not one to follow orders, even if they are only spoken with the roll of an eye. He really is kind and sweet to me about my phone pile (maybe it's because he knows, I know, about HIS nightstand).

Now speaking of Mighty M. He is so swamped with work that I fear he's going to crack. We talk about how we should be grateful, and we are, ( it is nice to pay bills) it is just hard on us all when he is so frazzled at the end of the day (he leaves home at 6:45 am and gets back at about 6:30ish) and has to commit to work the next two Saturdays just so they don't loose a really big job. He doesn't feel he can say NO to any job when the market is so shady so he says YES and is frazzled. The girls miss their dad and I miss my fella.

Mads is going to her best friend Bailey's house after school today. They are so cute and both such nice little girls. They have so much fun together. Last time they were playing over here, I let them decorate the house for Halloween. They found the Halloween make-up and spent the rest of the afternoon painting each others (and Rubs) faces. They were pretty scary. I took pictures with my phone but I'm not skilled enough to download them. So you'll have to settle for a normal one.

This post is really long. enjoy.