Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin carving '09

What's that saying, "everyone loves a brown eyed Devil eyed girl"?....

with goopy hands.

Ruby was grossed out and intrigued, all at the same time, by the pumpkin goop.
Maddy was all business.

Mmmmmm, yummy.

Maddy's fingers were black because that is what Vampire Hairstylists do, silly.

? Don't ask, I just post them.

Ahhhh, a bat in our house....Or is it a cat, with wings?

What cute posers we are.

Life imitating art?

That Ruby's face above the cat pumpkin.

It's like you were right there with us.....without all the clean up.

THE end.

At our house, everyone helps with laundry...

Ruby did it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Phew...I'm glad that's over.

I do our family's laundry on Thursdays, it takes me all day but then I'm done for the whole week. And just to let you know, I'm finished........with last weeks laundry.

Yippee............It's Tuesday.

(Except for now I have to put it away.)
whimper whimper

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I don't know if it's just a silly Utah thing, but last night was our wards Trunk or Treat. Basically everyone met at the parking lot of our church house and all the kids went from car to car trick or treating. Also, there were donuts and apple cider.

Maddy decided to be a Vampire Hairstylist this year. Actually, she decided to be that before last years Halloween was even finished. Ruby wanted to be about 5 different things, one being Maddys Vampire hairstylist assistant, but ended up dressing as a "Shiny Princess".

My friend has this super cool make-up stuff called "Snazaroo"* and my other friend painted the girls faces with it. We used a Red Crayola marker for lipstick. (hey- you use what you've got)

Maddy's hair was AWESOME (her word). We flat ironed it and then used some super dooper goo to spike it up and make it all "piecy". She thought her hair looked like Jasper from the Twilight movie, I think she looked much cuter than him. She didn't want the cheese ball plastic fangs (her words again) so we got her some "real" ones that we had to mold to her teeth. They were VERY scary.....and also plastic.

The Maddy girls were so excited because I put my actual mascara on them. On a side note, if you have never put mascara on little children before, you should. It's a very twitchy experience.

These pictures were AFTER the fun was over, so the faces are a but smudged but still cute.

You can't get the full effect here, but Ruby's eyelashes-they're HUGE and long and curly. To be honest, (and not at all braggy) they're amazing even without my spectacular mascara.

We had lots of fun, but now we're gearing up for the big actual Halloween day, and the day they dress-up at school. Good grief, Halloween is a production around here.

*If anyone is looking for a Christmas gift for us girls. Hint hint, poke poke, nudge nudge.

The end.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Whats going on?

Let me explain the lack of blogginess. We have been super busy/boring for the past month. Max has gone on 2! hunting/camping trips in 4 weeks. I KNOW. I should be given a medal of some sort. Or maybe, at least, flowers (hint hint Honey).

I (along with the other leader) put on a Daddy Daughter Date for our Activity Day girls a few weeks ago. It was pretty fun. We served chili dogs, veggies and dip and root beer floats for dinner and then they carved pumpkins together. Prizes were given. It was lots of fun but I am glad it's over. Last year for our D/D date we played "Old country song" charades. It was pretty funny trying to get all the men to act out the songs. Dads aren't as fun as they used to be. My cute Dad gave his poor bald head a rug burn acting out Tumbling Tumbleweeds when we did this at my Daddy Daughter Date about 156 years ago.

This picture was a lot cuter in person.

Then, for Fall Break (which used to be called "Deer Hunt" then it was UEA for a while) we had Bailey come over. They had loads of fun. That is an apple slice in Baileys mouth. No photo cooperation, I tell you.

Last weekend, my friends Shan and Little Jessica went to NYC. I took care of Shans cat, Hank. And by "taking care of " I mean gave him food and water and 5 minutes of love. By Shan's house there is an AX. It concerns me a bit.

For all my strenuous labor, Shan brought my my very own "monu-mints" See my name? My VERY OWN. Plus, she brought me a candy bar from the Statue of Liberty. Not to shabby.

And another picture from the Daddy/Daughter Date. Maddy was not pleased, by the way, that Ruby was any were near her Dad on HER date.

Sisters can be such a pain.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The most wonderful day of the year....

It was Maddy's favorite day of the whole school year, yesterday.


She wore a hat that Meghan brought back for her from some crazy place she went to over the summer. Kirghistan, I think (At least that is what my spell check thinks).

This super cool hat was a big hit with all the rest of her class. Maddy said someone commented on a boy's hat in her class, he just said to them: "Maddy's is the coolest"

Plus, also, she can wear fish hook earrings now and is overjoyed right to death. She is such a good minder, the lady at the piercing place told us to wait six months to wear fish hooks, and so she waited until exactly October the 16th to wear them.

Here is Ruby the morning of Crazy Hat Day.
She is not so crazy.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1st Blog-a-versary.....

It was totally my blog anniversary on October 15th and I didn't even remember or blog or probably care or nothing. It is apparent that I don't value this relationship very much.

Perhaps I should repent.... Maybe I will.

The end.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Maddy said....

Yesterday, Max partied with the girls, while I went shopping. Fun for everyone, huh?

Anyway, Maddy told Max: "Ruby is SOOO lucky to get all of my old clothes as hand me downs because I have such excellent taste. And all of my clothes are delightful."

When I asked her about her conversation with her Dad, she said: "I don't remember saying that, but it is true. My clothes are delightful!"

I couldn't help this picture. As soon as I heard her comment about fashion, I thought about this picture. It was taken when Maddy was 6. I was my Dads birthday. Maddy put wrapping paper on her feet as shoes and ribbon (I think) on her wrists as bracelets.

What a fashionista.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My new spooky toes....


The people I keep.....

Ruby and I were at the grocery store this afternoon, when I turned around to see the second counselor in our ward, Brother Montague. He had groceries in both hands. In one had was a gallon of milk and some bananas (in a bag) and in the other hand was a box of Budweiser BEER. He saw me and gave a look of complete shock. All the while, trying to hide his beer behind his back. Oh, also he had a BYU t-shirt on, because that is where he works.

Before any of you go call our Bishop, he was kidding. Apparently, he had seen me and decided to play a trick. He had already paid for his grocery's when he saw me, and CAME BACK, found the beer aisle, grabbed his prop, and wandered the store until he found us so he could "casually" walk by and see what I would do.

The things some people will do for a laugh.

He's a keeper.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Conference weekend...

This is what my child did during the LDS General Conference over the weekend.

She said she's growing it out.

Ruby got comfy on the couch with her good buddies.

We made scary sugar cookies during the two sessions on Sunday.

We made scary faces. Except for Maddy said she couldn't make a scary face so she just put her cookie in front of her mouth. Rarhhh.

On Saturday night, while the guys were at Priesthood Conference, Aunt Sharee said "do you Hairballs want to go to the mall" (she was talking to her own two girls: Eliza and Kate) Maddy piped right up first and said "SURE". So they went. Sharee bought Mads these socks. She's worn them practically every minute since. (They are two separate pairs, I was just multi -tasking my pictures)

Liza had cute socks on too and when I said so, she lifted up her feet and the threads were so worn you could see all of her feet showing through.

She said they were "breezy".