Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Fifth grader and the Kindergardener.....

The Maddy started 5th grade last Tuesday (on Heed's birthday). She was NOT looking forward to having a BOY (gasp) teacher (with not ONE of her friends in her class) until we went to meet him Monday afternoon. He won her over by telling her he was color blind. She thinks that's the coolest. I'm pretty sure Mr Bailey is gonna get teased by her this year. I think he's up for it. He's pretty cool himself.

That "5" is for "5th grade-- Not cause she's 5 years old. Do you like her monstrous backpack? It's nearly as big as her.

I can't believe how OLD she is. 10 1/2 to be exact. Why do they grow up -- And get all sassy and teenagery so quick?

AND THE RUBY...Ruby started real actual school today. And before any of you comment about the character print shirt she's wearing...... I was outnumbered and overruled at Target (by ONE Miss RUBY Elizabeth--she's was very firm about her style). There was nothing I could do.

Her teacher is Miss Halter. I hope she's ready for Ru. Her life may never be the same. Heck, the whole school may never be the same. This morning when I went into her room all she said was "its my second day of school, yeah" Then went to work (with Maddy's unwanted help) finding just the right clothes to wear.

And here are the 2 walking to the bus stop, holding hands (awwwh). Not even looking back. (GRRR) What's a mother to do? Oh maybe, I'll have another one who won't leave me for another 5 or 6 years. That'll teach them.

This is the Mads. She was feeling crummy, tummy ache, tired and didn't even want a Cinnamon roll for breakfast (!), but I made her go to school anyway. Someone had to take Ru to her class. :) She called me at 11 am to say she was feeling worse. She looked worse. (She was better by 3pm) And the MEAN MEAN Mom that I am, wouldn't let her go to soccer.

Oh and since it's taken me 3 days to write this post, I found out yesterday that the bus drops little Ru off right exactly at our front door! How great is that?!
The end.

Friday, August 20, 2010

15 years of wedded bliss.....

Yesterday..... Yes, I said yesterday..... was our 15 year anniversary. We were duds about it.

I get him and he gets me.... I couldn't have married a better man for me. OK I totally didn't mean for that to rhyme. That's cheese ball. He loves me the very most and lately has said that I'm a pleasure even though I'm 6 months pregnant. Also, he doesn't lie.

He loves these girls with all his heart, and probably, they love him that much too. He's even super happy about having a 3rd little lady around here.

He is kind, loving, funny, (but not as funny as me) and pretty swell. He wears the funny stuff I buy him, without complaint. He paints tiny toenails and fingers, he even lets the girls paint his toes sometimes. Just as long as they're painted black....like all the cage fighters. He likes to swing on our swing set, play Chinese jump rope and is a very good sport when Ruby wants him to wear princess dress ups for dinner. He's very secure in his manliness.
Happy Anniversary fella. You're the best. And I love you the most.

The END.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ruby's birthday celebration......

You all know that I'm 6 months pregnant..and 36....and overweight by A LOT...not to mention old and moldy.

Because of all that business, poor Ruby had a bump on a log for a birthday mom this year. We didn't do much, but I think she was mostly happy, even though there has been a few grumblings about not going to Pirate Island.

The picture is blurry, but how cute is that face?

Aunt Kennon, this is what she was doing while talking to you on the phone.

The opening of the presents. A Dora the Explorer Leapster game, a zuzu pet with accessories, and a bike/basket. We wrapped the basket and had the Dad bring in the bike from the trunk afterwards.

The bump on a log mom continues here, Usually I decorate the house (Max's helps) with balloons, streamers and banners the night before the girls birthdays. This year, I was too darn tired, also, the Dad doesn't find it too important of a job to do himself. So on the way into church, Ruby starts saying "I wish you had decorated for my birthday, that's what I really want." I just smiled to myself and said "oh, I'm sorry" cause, Max and I had already planned to skip out on Sunday School (shhh) to decorate the house and frost her cake. When she walked in the house she was SO excited. I tell you, it was worth it to see that face.

She was pretty in love with that bike and the bike messenger. Max said she hugged him with her whole body. I didn't mention that it was my idea to actually buy the bike for her. (I prefer to suffer in silence)

4.5 seconds after we got home from church, Ruby went to change.......into her pajamas. It was 2:20 in the afternoon, I'm pretty sure. So birthday pictures in her jams! She also did her own hair.

And last but not least, the must have "Blowing out the candles" picture.
Happy Birthday Ruby Ruby Ru. We love you bigger than the whole sky.
That'll be all.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What happens in Smithfield......

.............stays in Smithfield. Apparently it's true, since I didn't take ONE STINKING PICTURE of our visit.

This is Heed* and Patty. Heed is my "little" brother, his actual name is Bentley, but I just like "Heed" and that's all. "Patty" is not Patty's real actual name either, but she just like "Patty" and that's all. We like them both.

They invited us up to visit them last weekend. Heed has lived in Smithfield/Logan for about 10ish years. They've been married for 4. This was our first visit. Heed likes to remind us of that. Heed is somewhat of a hairball.

Max and I left the girls with his parents for the weekend. Whu hoo! And we left. We got up there Friday night and super quick went to dinner at the most glorious Mexican restaurant, Cafe Sabor. It was so yummy. Plus, I got a Pink Zebra drink that was delicious, and not to mention -- trendy.

There are no pictures of the restaurant, the food, the company or my drink.

There was, however, an Indian family that came in while we were waiting to be seated, that gave us a chuckle. The Dad asked a silly question. The hostess asked if they wanted to eat outside or inside. He asked her if it was cold outside. She replied: uhh it's just like it was when you came in. (10 seconds ago) I'm not sure if those were the exact words, but it was pretty stinkin' hilarious. We thought it was funny ALL weekend long.

After dinner we went to a pastry shop and bought goodies. MY FAVORITE. I bought 2 goodies and ate one later that night. I had the other one for breakfast with my turkey bacon and scrambled eggs. It was the perfect breakfast.

Nope, no pictures of that place either.

Saturday, we lazed around the house and then drove to visit a lake, it was not good fishing that day. We visited Heed's work and they bought me my first pair of CHOCO'S sandles. They are super cute. They will be even cuter on my feet once those feet aren't swollen anymore. Then, that night for dinner we ate at Hamilton's Steak House. It was also delicious. I got the salmon (I know, right?) Max got the Rib eye and shared with me. He's delightful.

We went to the same pastry shop that night too. This time I bought 3 treats. There is still 1/2 a lemon bar in my fridge.

That night the 2 boys and Patty played video games and then did a firework or two. Despite Heed's persistence, I did not participate in either of those activities. Which confirms that I am indeed more stubborn than Heed. He didn't enjoy that information.

At 3am (!) we went to bed. It was maybe a wee bit too late for me but we were having so much fun, I didn't want the party to end.

Patty's funny, she asked me how I slept both mornings and the second morning I just smiled and said "I don't know". I'm 6 months pregnant, I never sleep good. (Max had to be told not to ask me how I slept anymore, since I didn't want to be a downer every single morning.)
Sunday morning we lounged and video gamed some more. Then we went to breakfast at Village Inn. It was noon, so I got lunch instead. After that we lounged more, packed up and left for home. It was a sad time for all of us.

We loved our visit. We ate good food, had good conversations, laughed A LOT and were Merry. Thanks Heed and Patty for all the fun.

We made it home safe with both the girls, and didn't get dead in any ditches. Yippee.

No pictures of that business either.

* I named Heed, "HEED" when he was in high school and he decided to grow dreadlocks. It was not a pretty sight. (Heed, it wasn't) The movie So I Married an Ax Murderer was popular and quoted often at our house. So he, and his huge HEED got renamed, because he looked like an orange on a toothpick.

The end.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

She's not 4andahalf anymore.....

After 6 long months of being 4 and a half, this Ruby kid turned 5. Seriously, she told us she was 4 1/2 -- YESTERDAY.

RUBY: you are a pleasure of the highest amount. You are a squirrely little kid-- you take a breath between the LETTERS of your words, not the syllables. You throw the occasional hissy fit-which is not a pleasure. And you love your Dad the best of all---he is your "#1". (I'll get you back someday--let it be written)

Your Ruff Ruff (or Ruffy) is your best puppy ever. You like to sleep with only your Tinker Bell blanket on at night---but only until Mom and Dad go to bed, then you want us to cover you up with all your covers. You HAVE to have someone listen to you say your "pears" (prayers), mostly you want Mom to do it, and she wonders why you still love Dad best?

This is the face you made when you came home from church and saw the house decorated with banners and streamers and a ladybug cake.

You say and do the funniest stuff, but don't like people to laugh at you. You are extremely in love with your little sister that has yet to be born. You have to give good night hugs to Dad, Mom AND baby several times, before you can go to bed. You LOVE to watch Roughin' it Outdoors with your Dad, every Sunday morning.

Today has been a day of third person comments from you. "the birthday girl needs a little help with her dress", "Maddy is taking my.....the birthday girl's blanket" "the birthday girl is not berry happy" "can someone read the birthday girl the comics?" (the birthday girl is getting on her big sisters nerves)

The ladybug cake you requested......

The Ladybug cake, with her alterations, done by you-- with a little help from Maddy.

So Ruby, On this very day, 5 years ago, your scrawny 10 pound 14 ounce self joined our lives and wormed your way into our hearts.....

......And quite possibly wrapped your Daddy around your little finger.

We love you, kid.