Monday, June 28, 2010

Woah is me......I'm over it.

I'm not actually over all my woes but I think I'll stop complaining about them. I still have a VERY stuffy nose but I've found, since talking to other mothers, that sometimes stuffy noses are just part of being pregnant. In fact, one of my favorite mothers (who has had 8 children -by the way) said "oh I got that, you just have to suffer". I don't really want to suffer, I'm not a big fan of suffering, but I'll try. Any mostly in silence......we'll see.

I'm also still a boring mom, but I'm trying to remedy that too. Today I (along with Shan) am taking the girls to Toy Story 3. Maddy wasn't too thrilled to go at first, but once she saw a few clips with "KEN" she thought she might like to see it too ( not because he's dreamy, but because he wears funny Ken clothes). I need to mention that it was Shan's idea for the movie. At one point I wasn't even invited to go with her and the girls. But that was probably back when I was crabby.

Max has also helped with my whinniness cure. He has been super nice and helpful around the house, and not at all complainy. He's been doing all my weird "honey do's" like checking the dryer vent hose, even thought there was nothing wrong with it. Sorry honey. We even worked in the basement (uggh) on Saturday (even thought he probably had loads to do in the yard). So now it only looks like half a bomb went off and not a whole one. We cleaned so much that we have 6 trash bags full to donate, plus some boxes of stuff too. That makes me giddy with joy.

So there ya have it. I'm good.

Sunday, June 20, 2010 me...

Why I haven't blogged today.

I haven't blogged because I'm in a funky funk.

I feel - not so great. This baby HAS to be a boy, because I've been having strange and unusual pregnancy symptoms. One is I seem to be allergic to this baby. I have had, basically, a head cold for the past 4 months. Stuffy nose, SINUS PRESSURE from my forehead to my nose holes. You can't take anything for that business. It's yucky. The past few days I have had leg and ankle swelling (ALREADY) and if you knew me when I was pregnant with my 2 girls - I GOT SWOLLEN. I mean REALLY SWOLLEN- but it didn't happen til much later. I'm only on month 4, I'm worried.

I haven't blogged because I don't sleep. Breathing is important and it doesn't happen so much, especially at night. My husband sleeps, my kids sleep and they wonder why I walk around in a daze all day. They MAX think I'm wussy cranky pregnant girl. Not enough sleep would make anyone cranky. Apparently, writing this information down makes my cry a little. Poor me.

I haven't blogged because I have no energy to do anything bloggy. We haven't gone to the pool, we tried last week but it was filled to capacity. We haven't had many friends over. We haven't gone anywhere fun. All we've done are JOBS, the kiddie pool and the slip -n-slide in the backyard. And Popsicles. Lots and lots of Popsicles.

I haven't blogged because if we do something remotely interesting, I forget to take pictures.

I haven't blogged because I feel my house is a disaster and I must TRY to make it live able, The kitchen is NEVER clean, the floors are grimy and sticky and I have to do laundry EVERY week! What the heck.

I haven't blogged because of my two little rodents named Maddy and Ruby. I FINALLY go to get on the computer and not 3 minutes later they start talking and asking me stuff. Some stuff they ask is "what are my jobs today" What the...... They never want jobs. Not until I'm doing something EXTREMELY important. If they aren't asking me stuff, they are sitting right exactly 3 inches from me READING what I am writing. Well, that's just Maddy, but if Ruby could read.....

I haven't blogged, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. Maybe next time I won't be so glum.

The end.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dream catchers and Birdies....

Maddy has a new friend that moved in (basically) our back yard, a few months ago. We are so happy she's here. She's exactly 10 years old and is the sweetest and, not to mention polite, girl there is. Her bedroom in her new house is upstairs and all by its self (which I would have LOVED when I was 10). She was a bit afraid to be up there all alone so my sweet Maddy made her a dream catcher to make her feel better.

Tierney gave Max a dream catcher for when one of his unimportant girlfriends and him broke up. We've keep it all these years and Max gave it to Maddy when Liesel died. Maddy thought her friend would want one too.

As for Ruby, she made a birdie out of play-do and it was precious.

See, precious.

The END.