Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pet names?....

So.....I seem to have super good names for my family members.....if they were animals.

Years ago when We moved to our townhouse and Max and I only had one Maddy for a kid, we had 2 sets of neighbors right across from us. They didn't have any kids just one dog each.....One was names Maddy and one was named Max. DOGS. Let me also say that Max is the #1 dog name E V E R. For reals.

Then, when Ruby came around, I told my friend that we were going to name her "Ruby" and she said "OH, I know a goat named Ruby". Let me also say that that same friend thinks there isn't a more perfect name for a baby then "Ruby" except for maybe "Roxie" (I know a dog named Roxie)

Ruby, the person. (at her dance recital that happened and I never blogged about)

Maddy the person.

Daisy, the person.

Now that we have a Daisy, there are 2 DOGS in my neighborhood named DAISY. One lives about 3 houses down from us and the other is my good friend Holly's dog. She says she feels bad every time she yells at her dog. In her defense her dog came first. Also, Max's cousin has a dog named Daisy. Daisy the person doesn't know what to think about this news.

bark bark bark and mehhhh. (what sound does a goat make anyway?)

That's all.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ruby had a birthday.....a while ago.

What a super bad Mom I am. Ruby had a birthday and I didn't even blog one word about it. Lots of other things happened this summer but nobody knows about those things either.

Without further ado. Ruby's 6th birthday extravaganza.

The wish making.....hmmmm now what should I wish for.

A PURPLE Mp3 player. Exactly what I wanted....what,,,,,, with songs already on it. (my Mom is so stinkin' smart) Are you serious?

(I won't mention that 2 days later her Mp3 player was taken from her by her evil Mom who didn't like the attitude that was oozing from her body about cleaning her room.)

Good thing we opened presents last. I'm busy jammin' out to my tunes. "I'm too sexy for the party...." "I;m a Barbie girl....."

Ruby told me (in January) that she was going to have a birthday party. So naturally we had one. Ashtynne, Ruby Breanne, Ashlee, Cassidy, and Rylan. We played games and ate cupcakes.


6 things I love about RUBY.

1. Her face when she REALLY smiles. It involves her whole entire head. I love it.

2. Her giggle. It makes her Dad and I giggle too. It's a thing of beauty.

3. How much she loves her sisters....not just the new one, Maddy too. She is constantly making arty stuff for them. Maddy might be overloaded with 6 year old art and MIGHT have to toss some of them sometimes.

4. How much she loves her Mom and Dad and how easy it is for her to forgive us our rottenness. (like when we take all her stuff after she sass's and doesn't mind... when it clearly isn't her fault)

5. How sweet she can be to her friends, even when Maddy and I think she's being left out or taken advantage of by her friends. She doesn't care, as long as they still play with her. She's a forgiver for sure.


6. She's says the funniest things and doesn't even try.