Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Summertime means: seeing your cousin Azzy, who wonders why the water isn't coming out of the hose.

Eatting dinner with you mom and a couple more characters...

Going fishing on Father's Day wearing some VERY fashionable earrings.

Giving your very first talk in Primary. It was about how great Dads are. Which is fitting because Ruby thinks her dad is the best thing since sliced bread. ( remind her that I gave her life and it wasn't easy-she doesn't care much. She still likes her dad best)

You swing in the pouring rain with you friend Roxie, who doesn't care much that it's raining either. It pretty much rained the whole month of June.

You practice riding bikes with your #1. (Yep, DAD)

You get scared and decide bike riding is not for you. Your Dad talks you back into trying again.

You love you Mom too.

You picnic and visit and say: "ehhh" like the Fonz.

You go to the Temple open house and your mom takes many pictures with your camera.

You face paint with Meghan who loves you and thinks you're swell.

You have rhubarb but only because you can play with the hugie leaves.

You take about 20 self portraits while dressed up like little bo peep. They all look about like this but with more head cut off.

You draw with sidewalk chalk. A birthday cake because Ruby's birthday is soon. Too soon.

You're still scared to ride bikes. Even though you look super goofy and have your lucky parrot sun glasses on.

You see and play with people you barely remember because they moved far far away to Lehi (the nerve). You warm up to each other in 1.3 seconds and almost cry when it is time to leave.
We really need to get together more often Shaunell, Cetera and Aselyn. And Spenc-a too.

You take bunches of pictures of your niece.

And let her take some too. That's a cute head.

You take pictures of the two character you went to dinner with. (with Mom) We figure out it had been about 8 years since we'd seen each other. But only because Jennie has a rip snorting cool busy life in Cal. It's all your fault, Jennie.

And, You squirt and get squirted with Grandma Smith's water gun.

I'm tired, when does school start?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hairy scary...

Me: "Ru, what are you eating?"

Ruby: "Hair."

Me: "DON'T eat your hair!"

Ruby: "It wasn't from me"

Me: "AHHHhhhhhh gross"

The "Me" is disgusted.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

yard sale lovelies...

Last weekend I went up to my Mom's house so she could take me to Costco. On our way there we saw a "YARD SALE" sign. We went. Then we saw another one that said "FURNITURE".

We never made it to Costco.

Here is my $30 shelf that took me ALL (I'm being totally serious) of Monday to hang. I needed three holes in the wall - I put seven. All so I didn't have to hear the whine from Max about me buying stuff that makes him have more work to do.

I've added more decorations to the shelf, that is now hanging above my couch. The decor is still a work in progress so no pictures for you.

This delightful $25 mirror is HUGE and has taking the place of my mirror my best friend EM gave me many moons ago for Christmas. Don't worry, it has a new and useful home in my entry, cheering that dungeony place up a bit. This mirror matches my kitchen cabinets exact, right down to the molding on top.

Then, I saw this little number. Could you have left it behind?

A little doll house the PERFECT size for Polly Pockets. Too bad we don't have any to play with, as they have been picked up and hauled to my closet in a black garbage bag.

It is still sitting in my room atop another fabulous find, that Max doesn't share my love for, that I will show sometime later. I have great plans for it, I just don't know what they are yet.

Max has grumbled and grumbled about my treasures, but has admitted that the he likes the shelf, and the doll house "really is incredible". The craftsmanship - I tell you - is amazing!

Maybe I'll go to Costco in the fall, just as soon as yard sale season is over.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy first Anniversary Grandfahr and Gwen

To celebrate, they are going to the Mount Timpanogos Temple to be sealed for time and all eternity.

Congratulations. I wish I could be there with you.

We sure love you people.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh, what do you do in the summertime?

You go to Bailey's house for the afternoon, and make a swimming pool out of a hugie water barrel.

Never mind that it is probably NOT 80 degrees outside. See Maddy's purple lips?

The 80 degree rule was started by my Mom who, now I understand, was just TIRED of us asking to play in the water as soon as the snow was melted off the front lawn.

I think they're trying to hold in a shiver.

Then, when it's just too freezing, you give up and get in a nice warm tub-with a cool drink.

Ahhh warm. Bailey's house is FUN!
I just love those two punks.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Easter brunch 2009

Only I'm writing about it in July. Go figure.

Every year Max's Mom, Heidi, hosts a super dooper Easter brunch. She makes all sorts of yummy things to eat and her table setting and decorating is flawless. How could we top her? This is what we did to try.


Ruby went first. Her first victim - I mean - client.

Lets start with a sun shine.

And then cover it with some black.

And then have Aunt Meghan draw on some fish bones.

I'm VERY creative.

Gimme some spinach.

Awhh. How sweet. What every Mom wants, a tattoo just for them, on their toddler.

The finished masterpiece. A group effort.

I'm so good looking, perhaps I'll pose.

Who wouldn't want a husband with a snake "tattooed" on his chin.

Typical. All scoundrels must apply an even coat of soda pop shaped lip gloss.

"nanu nanu" Not that she has any idea who Mork and Mindy are.

Another scoundrel. There everywhere!

What fun would it have been if the Mom didn't get painted too?

These are our "MEANEST" faces. You scared?

And our loveliest faces.

You wanna piece of us?

We didn't think so...