Sunday, November 21, 2010

Recent random pictures....

Maddy is IN LOVE with Daisy. All she wants to do is hold her. I told her she needed to go to baby rehab.

Mads and Bailey at their D.A.R.E graduation. All the 5th graders participated in D.A.R.E. It was a big big deal. I think it stands for Drug Awareness Resistance Education but I'm not sure.
Best Mom EVER, right.

The ever popular D.A.R.E t-shirt. It was worn by most of the 5th grade the next day. Grandma Smith took her to her graduation. It was pretty neat, from what I hear.

Max and his new baby all smooshed in a ball. It's one of his favorite things to do with his newborns. He may need rehab too.

And lastly, Daisy taking a snooze. Most likely during the day since she likes to party at night.

Thankful a day (or every week or so) 2010....

Friday November 12th, 2010

I am thankful for all the Doctors and cute nurses at the hospital who were so nice and sweet and helpful and caring to me, and also my visitors. I was NOT thankful that they ALL decided to show up on that day. I didn't get 5 minutes peace all day. I was POOPED.

Saturday November 13th

On this day I was thankful that people decided to leave me alone, also Carrot cake. I am thankful for the hospital room service carrot cake. It was DELIGHTFUL.

Sunday November 14th

I was thankful for the cute couple who came to give me the Sacrament. I haven't been to church much the past month or so and when I am there, apparently, I don't pay much attention about the Sacrament. I was thankful that they came and visited and cheered me up a bit. That morning, I had just been told that Daisy was JAUNDICE - like my other 2- and we had to stay in the hospital longer too clear out some of it. So the Sacrament reminded me that I wasn't alone in my sadness and that I am loved and important.

Plus also, I was thankful that my friend STILL brought dinner to us, she came right in our house and put it in the fridge so we could have it WHEN we got home that night. Remember how great my friends are? Max was thankful for her and her yummy food.

Monday November 15th

Max left to work out of town. NO, I was not thankful for that! I was thankful that he called his mom, and she was willing to be AT my house by 7am (and slept over too) to help get the girls off to school. She was also VERY helpful in the night when Miss Daisy decided she was NOT a sleep fan. I was thankful for her bossiness about me taking naps, even though she was just as awake in the night as I was. I've mentioned it before, but she loves me lots. I love her lots too.

Tuesday November 16th

I don't remember what I was thankful for on this day.

Wednesday November 17th

I was SUPER thankful that Max came home from out of town. I love and am grateful for my Mom-in-law (Heidi's) help but I LOVE Max so much and was missing him quite a bit. There's something to be said about having your baby's daddy home with you.

Thursday November 18th

More thankful for Mom help. This time MY Mom came to help. She is super and fun and bossy too. Moms are like that. My Mom came and brought us fun Christmas place mats and snacks and she made us dinner for that night. When it wasn't quite done she was so upset. You may think it's mean to be thankful for her upsettiness but to me it shows that she loves us and it's important to her to have a nice meal for us to eat- one that we didn't have to cook. You know, since she loves me best. Probably she loves Max best too. And Maddy (it's no secret how she loves Maddy) and Ruby, she does enjoy her Ruby. Plus, did I mention that she left my Dad in the hospital (he had throat surgery the same morning that I had Daisy) to come be with us for Daisy's arrival. So she's quite in love with Daisy too. Sorry Dad I'm sure she loves you second best.

Friday November 19th

I was thankful that my mom went to Grandparents day at Ruby's class, and took nearly 1,000 pictures, and blogged about it here. They have been working so hard to have Grandparents day and Ruby has been so excited about it.

Saturday November 20th

I was thankful that Max took the girls to Cabela's all morning and into the afternoon. I am also thankful that the reason he went was to buy his own Christmas present, so I wouldn't have to do it. He also brought me fudge. Boy oh boy was I thankful for that yummy stuff.

And today, Sunday November 21st

I am thankful that Daisy slept so great last night. I wonder if it was my bawling to her about how tired I was last night. At any rate, she slept. hooray for sleep.

I'm also thankful that Max took the girls to church even though he doesn't love church. It's important to me and so he went. I love that guy.

That'll be all until next time.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Presenting DAISY RENEE SMITH.......

And while we're at it lets just call this Thankful a day for 11/11/10

The night before the big arrival. Probably, it's time.

Daisy Renee born 9:21am, on November 11th, 2010. Weighing in at a scrawny 9 lbs 9 oz and measuring at a whopping 20 inches long. ( this picture is Daisy's 5 minute birthday--check the clock)

Proud Daddy snapping pictures while Mom was being stitched up.

Hmmm let me consider.....

She's bored of this hospital business.

Well Hello there Dad.

Mom and Ru. Ru remembered to give Mom a love and not just baby Daisy.

Typical Smith baby picture. Billirubin and jaundice issues the day we planned to come home.


And lastly, the view of the TV from my hospital bed. Super dooper.
The end.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thankfulness speedy quick....

Saturday Nov 6th

Ruby had her first "dance on a stage" today. It was for the super posh Santaquin Country Christmas Craft Fair. I am thankful that she actually participated. I won't go into how, later that day, I had to take a whole garbage bag of her stuff from her room , or that I actually spanked her bum and told (yelled at) her to get on her bed and not to move. I won't tell you that I did those things AFTER she shoved all her stuff in her closet and let me believe she had completely cleaned her room in 15 minutes. And when I found out she yelled and screamed at me and told me she hated me. (That sort of thing doesn't bother me since I didn't love her so much at that moment either). I won't go into that stuff. I'm just so thankful that she danced and every once in a while she waved her cute wave at me.

Sunday Nov. 7th

I am Thankful today that Max and the girls cleaned and vacuumed out my car in preparation for our new baby Daisy's arrival. It's sparkly, I tell you. Have I mentioned that Max has been super great lately? Apparently, I mention it to everyone but him. Oopsie.

Monday Nov 8th

I am thankful that my parents were willing to take me to Costco, since I don't have a card all my own, and also, we got to eat lunch together. Ruby ate nearly a whole Costco size piece of pizza, but that is another story. That kid eats WAY more than her big sister, or me.

Tuesday Nov. 9th

I should have been thankful for Alzabeth since it was her birthday, but instead I was thankful that I FINALLY went to our family Dr since I have been sick with a cold (I thought) since October 30th. I was not thankful that they tested my blood pressure and it was super high, so they tested my peeps which had some protein in it. That, with all my swelling equals Toxemia. I went to my baby Dr and my pressure was better so he put me on bed rest for 2 whole days. Oh plus, turns out I have strep throat. Good times.

Which brings us to today, Wednesday Nov. 10th

I am Thankful for my friends and how willing they are to help us out. I was less thankful that they all choose to call me today when my throat was so sore and hoarse. I absolutely LOVE my friends. They're so good to me. I'm also thankful that I get a baby in 13 hours.

Good night and that's all until for now, until I have 3 kids.

Friday, November 5, 2010

I forgot about November and Thankful a day.....

And since I'm having a baby in 6 whole days I may not post every single day. And by me saying "may not" I really mean "I'm not posting every day people" Consider yourselves warned.

Monday November 1st... I am thankful that Halloween is OVER and not only can I say, I'm having a baby "THIS MONTH" but I can also say I'm having a baby NEXT WEEK" and that is WHU HOO.

Also, I am thankful for Max having a job, I am thankful for Max having a job, I am thankful for Max having a job....... Because he is going to have to go out of town for 2 different jobs right exactly BEFORE AND AFTER the baby comes. I'm freaking out a little.... I am thankful for Max having a job.....

Tuesday Nov 2nd.... I am thankful that I just realized that this baby is no longer sitting on my right bum cheek nerve and I can walk without thinking my right leg is going to fall off. How nice.

Wednesday Nov 3rd.... Early out day. I'm am not so much thankful for this day's entry as I thought it was just pretty dang funny. Ruby gets out of school at 11:15 (20 minutes earlier than normal) on Wednesday's. She has, every Wed, gotten off the bus, at 12:05, exactly 5 minutes earlier than a normal day. I know, go figure....Except for this Wed. This Wed. I went to the grocery store before she got home. Then, since I saw I had 20 minutes to get home (before 12:05) I thought I'd stop by Wendy's and get a lunch treat for us. When I got home my car clock said 11:57. Fewwwew, I made it, I thought. Only there was a Ruby standing on the porch with her hands on her hips, giving me the stink eye face. She was NOT excited to see me. I was so nervous of that crusty face that I didn't want to open my car door, even thought I had Wendy's for her. She then told EVERYONE that I left her "LOCKED out on the porch ALL DAY." Her dad egged it on even more by asking if she was waiting for HOURS and HOURS. He's not my favorite some days.

PS I had told her before, if by chance, I wasn't home she was to check both doors and then go to our neighbors house and call me. I asked her what happened to that rule, she said she didn't wanna do that. Hmmmm.

Thursday Nov 4th.... I am thankful for my Bunko ladies, who changed all 11 of their schedules so I could come to Bunko on the 4th instead of NOT on the 11th since I'll be in the Hospital with a new baby on that day. I am also thankful for my big mouth that said I needed a car seat that hadn't expired and my friend Janice who said "I have 2 if you want one"

And today - Friday Nov 5th.... I am thankful that I might actually not be dying from a cold I've had all week. My voice is pretty rotten still but I am on the mend. Hopefully I will stop coughing before Thursday, I don't think coughing and c-sections are good for one another.

That's all for now FOLKS.

Halloween 2010

First of all we carved pumpkins. We invited Shan over since carving pumpkins is on her top 10 most favorite things to do list. Ruby's is the cat, Shan carved the monster and Maddy (like you were surprised) made the "Peace Dude" one.

I can't like carving pumpkins so I had my own activity which I didn't take a picture of. It was my Halloween costume, Shan's idea. I wore a black t-shirt with a baby skeleton printed on my tummy. It was pretty cute and got RAVE reviews from all.

Maddy's costume. An 80's person. I don't' recall making such goofy faces in the 80's but who knows. She wanted to Trick or Treat with her friends and not her little sister and Dad. Once again Ru got lots more candy than Mads did. When will she ever learn?

And Ruby the Gypsy. The only thing I bought for this costume was her skirt from the Thrift store, which I would have bought anyway - since it was so stinking cute.

Halloween night (on Saturday the 30th) was a bit iffy this year. It rained and rained all day long. Maddy was a mopey puppy cause of the weather. Just before dinner I asked her (half kidding) if she had said a prayer? She said "yup" and about 30 minutes later the sky cleared up, the sun came out and VOILA! Prayer works. I'm not sure if that's naughty to say or not, so I'm pleading stupidity.

And that was the end of Halloween 2010. Only Maddy was talking about what she wants to be for Halloween NEXT year ---2 days before Halloween THIS year.