Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wednesday presents.....and bunkbeds

First of all, I love that Shan. Shan brought All of the girls "Wednesday Presents*". She brought them to us ACTUALLY on Wednesday. Shan told me that maybe I needed to go shopping and see all the cute girl clothes to be more excited about my girl baby. (I'm excited now, but she said that on the night of our ultrasound) I haven't gone shopping yet, but she did. She brought me yummy new smelly Mary Kay sugar scrub, and these delicious clothes for our new girl, some for now and some for later. She brought Mads a Beatles notebook, and Ru a CUTE design your own fashion notebook thingie. I don't know what it's called but it's been a big hit with both the girlies.

We love that Shan, Shan is a pleasure.

*Wednesday Presents were first started by my Mom, she bought me a prize one day just because. When I asked her why, she said "because it's Wednesday" so presents bought 'just because' have been "Wednesday presents" ever since. PS you don't have to give them on Wednesday either.

And second......BUNK BEDS

After YEARS of sleeping on mattresses on the floor, my girls are now in real actual beds. I know, their spoiled, right.

My Little Jessica friend hooked us up with a lady in her neighborhood who sold them to us, for practially nothing. The girls are very pleased to have beds.

Here's what the head and foot boards look like. I would have bought these for not practially nothing, cuz they're so cute.

And the ever poser Ruby. When I put them up, I told them that if there was anything under their beds they were dead meat. So Maddy quickly got under Ru's bed and yelled "Mom, Ruby is DEAD MEAT!" Maddy is a hairball.

Hula hoops are acceptable under the bed items. Since, where do you keep those things other wise?
The End

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And then there were three.......

Yup, you're reading the correct blog. Today was the day we went to confirm our baby was a boy. Only the joke's on us-- cuz it's a girl instead.

I've cried and cried.

I'm not sad that we're having another girl. It's not that, I figured it out when I was talking to my friend Shan and I said "I'm not sad about a girl, I'm just mourning the loss of Miles". (Miles was my name for our boy-- only Max hates that name) I was so certain that we were having a boy that I had his name, and his little self all planned out. Only too bad cuz he's not here. So I am sad for him, but happy for my little girl who has yet to be named.

Also, too bad that I got rid of almost all of our baby girl clothes over the years. To be honest I don't want to dress our new baby in 10 year old onsies that have spit up stains on them. She need her own fresh clothes to spit up on.

She is healthy, with all her parts in all the right places. She weighs about 1 lb 15 oz and lets hope she doesn't follow in her big sisters and their big ideas and come out HUGE! A nice little 8 pounder would be glorious.

Max said today that he was following in Grandfahr's (who he was named after) footsteps. Grandhahr had 3 girls too. If he was going to be like anyone I couldn't have picked a better man.

So here's to girls. Yeah.

She must agree cuz it feels like she's doing back flips in my tummy. She's so cute.

The end.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Not to scary but somewhat distracting.....

One Sunday morning a while back, we were woken up by the sound of our Carbon Monoxide detector going off -- right outside our bedroom door. It's done it before and usually we have blown out the dust, changed the battery and called it good.

This time we called these people. My good friend Little Jessica had had a similar thing happen about a week before us, only hers wasn't a dusty alarm or a used up battery. They had a real actual emergency. (they're all fine and safe) Having heard about her family, we called.

Santaquin fire Department doesn't have a full time staff. All the fire people are volunteers. It was Sunday morning about 8:30 and most of the guys that came to help, came from their church meetings.

These people weren't very worried, they look more like they were having a picnic. When we called the Fire people and they said to go outside as soon as we could. Ruby had to get dressed first and I didn't want them to waste away so I got snacks for them. We're not very speedy quick.

When they showed up in shirts and ties, I HAD to get my camera. I asked if I could go get it since it was right inside the door. One guy told me he'd get it for me, cuz of all the danger. He got my camera, then I made him pose for a picture.

The guy in the yellowy shirt told us that in his 12 years of serving he hasn't had one real Carbon Monoxide detector emergency. He also told us to ALWAYS call if it goes off. Better safe than sorry. The same guy asked if they could drag out this call so they could skip their church meetings.
Max thought that was a good idea.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

breathing a sigh of relief.....

After 4.5 long LONG LONG months. I can breathe. I tell you, it pays to take action (as fast as I did) and go to the Ear/Nose/Throat Doctor. It also would have payed much faster if I didn't FINALLY decide to go to the nose Doctor on the Forth of July weekend. At any rate, I went -and I am breathing like a normalish pregnant person. I can sleep, I can smell, I can even taste stuff (I wish I hadn't tasted Max's banana pudding at dinner last night- but frankly, no one should have tasted that stuff).Two most importantlies of all, ONE I am no longer consumed with my non-breathing self. I don't obsess about why I can't breathe, when I might be breathing again, why the nose spray won't work, and how long until I can take more nose spray. And TWO I am no longer doing 2 of my most pet peeves, Mouth Breathing and Snog Sniffling. Plus, I'm a much nicer person I believe.

If, in fact, I could be any nicer :)

PS ultrasound on Tuesday......stay tuned.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Last month.....

Bailey came over to play ALL DAY LONG with Maddy. It was glorious. I didn't hear even one time "can I watch something" nor did I see any poutiness from a bored 10 year old. Bailey is coming over on July 14th to play (which is also, if you ask Maddy "Cow appreciation Day") Bailey needs to come over sooner than that. We love Bailey.

One of the activities they did was going to get their faces painted from my friend/neighbor who wanted some practice. She has been, and will set up a booth every weekend at various town celebrations. Santaquin has Orchard Days, Provo has the Freedom Festival, Payson has Onion Days (but I still don't know why). She needed some willing faces. We had 3.

Don't ask me why they're smiling all weird like that. Maybe they don't want to crinkle their artwork.

Ruby wanted pink and purple with sparkles, imagine that.

Did I mention, We Love Bailey.

Bailey, Mads and even Ruby did other stuff that day, as you can see, they played in the water, but this was the only thing exciting enough for me to get the camera out.

The End.