Monday, January 25, 2010

A very long blog for not doing a dang thing....

It's 11:21 in the morning and I haven't done a dang thing. Well, except for finish reading a book my Mom-in-law gave me at Christmas-assuring me that I'd love it- The phone rang when I had 3 pages left, I didn't answer because I was CRYING too much. That Heidi and I need to have speaks about what I can and can not read.

Last week went like this:

Monday: (Martin Luther day) get more blood taken to test for a disease even the nurse couldn't pronounce. Tests for my newest ailment, I have a new ailment by the way, my saliva glands (under the ears - along the jaw) have swollen up and I look like a retarded lopsided chipmunk. This happened about 2 and a half weeks ago. The first week I didn't go to church, but I have since lowered my vainness level and gone, chipmunky and all.

Tuesday: Max and I stared not speaking to each other. Something about him wanting to go on a weekend trip, then pack up and head to Colorado to work for a week. Hmmmm. Interesting.

Wednesday: still not speaking (we like to keep a good thing going).

Wednesday night/Thursday morning: Went to bed at 10:00. Ruby wakes up crying at 10:30. I thought she was just cold or having bad dreams, so I go in and start fixing her blankets.....NOPE she'd BARFED. Then again at 11:30, but this time I find her half hanging off her bed and doing her business in the bucket I set by her bed. It was the most pitifullest sight you ever saw. We met again at 12:30am for another round. I need more twin sheets and blankets, not to mention a quieter washing machine.

Thursday: Ruby's still sick but no more barfing. She reminds me that when she's sick she is suppose to get to eat with a tray on the couch while she watches TV.

Test results come back negative for the un-pronounceable disease. The Doctor is stumped and wants to send me to an Ear Nose and Throat Doctor. Oh goody. I can't wait for all the bills to start coming in .

Also, Thursday: Max and I make up and start saying stuff like "we weren't talking to each other so I couldn't tell you...." Plus also, I ask him if he's sick (he sounded snoggy) he says "yeah, since Monday" Shan said I should have told him "Well, I've been sick for 2 months" She's snarky like that, it's part of her charm. And mostly why I love her guts so much.

Friday: I get up and see that the clock says 6:45 am (he's been getting up for work at 5 something) and say to Max "IT'S 6:45!" He says "I don't have any work today" Then I say "why didn't you tell me" his reply was "we weren't talking"

Saturday: Ruby is all better and goes to her friends Star Wars birthday party. Max is NOT all better and requires lots of attention and hogs the TV and couch. I don't remind him about the TV tray.

Sunday: Church, where the girls and I sit in the cold bench for Sacrament meeting. For some reason there is a vent that BLOWS cold air out of it right exactly on my legs. Max is still sick but less so since he's us the Neti Pot.

And now it's Monday. Max left for Colorado. He's called twice, once to say he was safe and once to say he was feeling GREAT. Maddy's at school although she told me today she doesn't like school anymore. I'm looking into that later. Ruby is NOT cleaning her room (like usual) and I am blogging a monster blog about nothing. The rest of the week goes like this: laundry, house cleaning, Visiting Teachers, Visiting Teaching to finish, Activity Days (combined with the older girls), toe painting (yippy) and another Dr appointment (this time the OBGYN too see what the heck is going on), Enrichment night and a party to plan, along with Pre-school and homework, dinner and dishes. Then Friday Max comes home.

The end.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Only in Payson.....

.....can you buy worms to go fishing, and flowers so your wife will LET you go fishing... all in the same place.

Genius, I tell you.

Friday, January 8, 2010


After a loooonnnnnggggg blogging break, here I am. If only for a minute.

Ruby's excellent glasses from her stocking on Christmas morning.

Maddy in her "cave" dug from the snow on ONE side of our driveway.

Max not helping the digging efforts. He kept adding snow to her pile. The NERVE

What one capful of Johnson's baby wash (borrowed from Tierney I bet) can do in the jetted tub at Grandma's house.

The best big sister in all the land, reading Ruby her Christmas books from Grandfahr and Gwen on Christmas eve, while there were presents still to open. Either Maddy LOVES to read or she LOVES her little sis? (Or maybe it's both)
The end....