Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Maddy is great.....

I've always known that Maddy was great, it's just so fun when other people -strangers in the shoe store even- tell you how great she is.

Maddy wore long (like thigh high long) purple striped socks to school last week.....She did have a Levi skirt on with them and she was totally modest....... Well, the janitor (who is super cool in his own right) said to Maddy "Maddy, you are just your own person aren't you?"

She is and I love it.

As for the stranger in the shoe store. She asked Maddy if she acted? Like in plays, because how she was dressed (super cute) and her cute asymmetrical hair cut/colored hair. She told Maddy that she was the coolest 11 year old she'd ever met.

And she is.

I absolutely LOVE how she is and how she acts (mostly--everyone has their weaknesses-RUBY)

The end.