Monday, July 18, 2011

Sisterly Love....

Max took the girls camping over the weekend. This was one of the pictures they text ed to me....

Maddy swears that Ruby asked her to cover her in wet sand......

Monday, July 4, 2011

On to bigger and better days....

Yup, our little Ruby Ru graduated from Kindergarten!

The poor little crumb ball was so sick, but she wasn't about to miss graduation -- and the last day of school. I don't remember what sickness she had, but we deemed her un-contagious and off she went.

Ruby and her super great teacher, Miss Halter. She was a bit strict and not as sweet as the other Kindergarten teacher, but in her defense, the other teacher could be in a Disney movie.

The walking to shake hands and receive her diploma picture. I was miles away and have since learned about shutter speed.

Since Ruby didn't feel ever so well, we stayed home for dinner and celebrated by decorating sugar cookies.

(that boy sitting next to her is Preston Carr-- he's in our ward and Ruby wrote in her daily journal about 6 different times saying "I like Preston". "Preston is my friend". "I love Preston" and other things like that. Maddy pointed out that Ruby only said she liked Maddy one time :)

Some things about Ruby and Kindergarten:

She's naturally funny, but doesn't really like people laughing at her. (who does)

She's taller than Maddy was at this age and wears stuff Maddy wore in 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade.

She was the only one in her class to score a 100% on her end of year testing!!

She doesn't LOVE reading.

She LOVES being read to. or too.

She'd rather do anything than go shopping. Even if we're buying stuff for her.

She learned to tie her shoe. But hasn't learned to ride her bike.

She LOVES to pick up and hold Daisy.... Daisy does NOT love to be picked up or held. BUT... Ruby can make Daisy laugh the fastest out of anyone.

For her birthday, she wants a water party, and She's been planning it for months.
She's so sweet, and is always making random crafty stuff for us.
She's messy. She's been called the Tasmanian Devil by her mother.

This year, she stuck a Lego up her nose.

She's ALWAYS cold unless she's HOT.

She never (and I mean NEVER) clears her dishes after meals.

She's a really super kid.

First Grade doesn't have a chance.