Friday, February 19, 2010

And the winners......

For the best parents of 2010 are.....

....these clowns.

Tonight, we were watching a little Planet Earth -- Deep Ocean. When, at five minutes to eight I told the girls that it was time for bed and to go brush their teeth (they were already in pajamas).

I heard them brushing.......

Next thing I knew, it was ten after nine.

Then, the next thing I new-- again-- it was 10:05 PM. And Max was saying "holy cow".

The TV screen was blue. The girls were asleep, probably dreaming of how they were going to plead with the courts for new parents. The tucking in process is a big one around here and we slept right through it. At least Ruby has Maddy, I'm pretty sure she tucked her in. Poor Maddy, the therapy she'll need after tonight.

PS how cute is US Olympic gold medal winner Evan Lysacek?

I'm just sayin'

Shaving cream, be nice and clean?

Pretty much all Maddy wanted for her birthday was shaving cream. Not so she could shave anything, she just wanted to play with it. It's somewhere in the genes cuz her cousins Eliza and Kate asked for mustard and tinfoil for Christmas.

Anyway, My parents and Maddy's best friend, Bailey, gave her some. Bailey came to play the other day, and after a while of them doing nothing they asked if they could play in the tub with Maddy's shaving cream. :Sure", I said "change into one of Dads work shirts". Well, they changed into and some of Maddy's pajama shorts too, just to be safe.

Not to messy, this is fine. What a fun mom I am. twitch

Oh dear, at least the mess is all in the tub. twitch, twitch. I think I'm still fine.

I never learned, in beauty school, if shaving cream can double as a deep conditioner.
Uh, I'm getting a little worried. Since there is now shaving cream all over the toilet AND the cupboards.

Well that's it, Baileys mom is NEVER going to let her come play again. Am I still a fun mom? I think I'm having a mini stroke?

They had to clean up (of course) and take a, fully clothed, shower to de-gunk themselves. Which, by the way, set off the smoke alarm because of all the steam. (it wasn't their fault, the shower head in that bathroom is pretty much the cheapest one available)

They had loads of fun and they stayed in one place for over an hour. I think I still AM a fun mom, but I wasn't feeling it when I was re-cleaning the bathroom (it needed it anyway) the next morning. It's clean but there's still a slight shaving cream aroma in the air.

Mmmmmm, fresh.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dead meat and other stuff...

Yesterday, this kid was DEAD MEAT. Really, I was so mad I think smoke might have been coming out of my very ears.

Ruby was suppose to have been cleaning her, knee deep, messy room. To make that happen I have to set a timer for however many minutes per project. For example: "You have 10 minutes to pick up all your stuffed animals and books." That's the only way I've found that KIND OF works for her. Otherwise I end up with a gigantic bag of her stuff in my closet.

Back to the "suppose to be cleaning her room" part. The timer had been going all morning and we were an hour from her getting to go to her friends house and I heading out to help at Maddy's Valentine party in her class. She was nearly finished with her room, I told her what to do while I jumped in the shower. I went to her room freshly washed and dressed to find her rolling around her bed listening to Michael Jackson's Number Ones. She hadn't done a blooming thing. DEAD MEAT. So I set the timer. She still hadn't done a thing. Plus, time was ticking, and she was still in pajamas and her hair was crazy bed head. I set the timer for one more time. When I went to check on her, not only had she not cleaned one thing up, she had drawn all over her body AND her baby doll stroller with black PERMANENT marker! DEAD MEAT for real.

Needless to say, she didn't get to go play with her friend. I had to take her with me but she didn't get to have any fun. I made her sit on a chair and watch while all the kids made cute crafts and decorated valentine cookies. Oh, she did get to decorate a cookie but only cuz Bailey's mom is naughty and tried to sneak her away without me noticing. She's dead meat too :)

Ruby informed me this morning that "DEAD MEAT is not berry (very) nice to say to your child". And she doesn't want to be dead meat anymore.

The other stuff is that Max had to go out of town again but only for three days this time. He's coming home this afternoon, so we have to kick it in gear and clean up the house some. Not that the whole house is knee deep like Ruby's room.

These are Maddy's first attempt at cookie baking. She did everything herself and they were delicious.

Lastly and most importantly, my new toes. Aren't they the most excellent? Max said "they aren't for me" Well I hope so cuz they would be totally wasted on a boy. He never wears open toed shoes this time of year.

The end.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Maddy turned 10....a few days ago

My teeny tiny baby (9lbs 12oz) turned ten on Monday. That means I've been a mother for a decade. I am not old enough to have been a mother for ten years. But that's another story for another day.

Maddy (Elasta Girl) is the best kid you've ever known. She is kind and caring, she loves to cuddle and her favorite thing in the whole world is to have her Grandma Snyder tell her stories. It is VERY annoying to me when I am trying to visit with my mom and Maddy keeps pat pat pat-ing her to continue with her story. (Ruby's caught on now too and now I have NO peace when I am with my mom)

Maddy has just as much fun going hunting and fishing with her dad as she has going shopping with me. She LOVES LOVES LOVES clothes and shoes, but also loves to be outdoors and will sit forever playing in a stream looking for cool rocks and interesting critters.

Turning 10 means Maddy gets to babysit her little sister some. I told her about 2 years ago that when she was ten she could start babysitting. I really was thinking that she'd NEVER turn 10, and that if she did, she wouldn't remember that I said she could babysit. She DID turn 10 and she DID remember. She has a very good long term memory. She is already a great babysitter, getting Ruby to bed right on time and then getting herself ready for bed. She is such a responsible and patient child.

Plus, a little goofy too.

Mads, I love you the very most. I am so happy to be your Mom. I know you're going to be the greatest grown up (just not so soon-please) I'm sorry they don't make high heals in your size yet. You are my favorite and my best.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Urban Dictionary say.....

I looked on my sis-in-laws facebook last week, there was a comment about what her name ment on urban dictionary. Her's was exactly correct so I figured I'd check out mine.

My name said:

Hillary: Heaven Sent; also considered a Gift of God. A beautiful woman who graces those she meets with joy and loving kindness. Hillary is a friend, a lover, and an all around picture of perfection.(Did I mention she's more gorgeous than you, with perfect teeth and a killer ass?)
"Wow, Hillary is everything I've ever wanted to be..."

I have nothing more to add, except for: "don't say 'ass' "

Mermaid habitat...and other news

About 5 months ago the girls thought it was very important to make a Mermaid habitat in their bathroom sink. No, I still haven't downloaded my pictures from my fancy new Christmas camera. That's why you're getting old pictures and blogs about them.

How sad is it that Mads looks WAY older now? Probably because she'll be turning 10 on Monday! But that's another story.

A blurry picture of a sunbathing mermaid. I don't think she knows that she's in a bathroom with no windows and the lights aren't really the sun.

Don't they look so happy in their new home? Aren't my kids cute? Yes, yes they are.

In other news, We've decided to let Maddy's ear holes grow in. They were getting infected for no reason -ALL the time. She would have me help her put her studs back in and would cry and pull away because she thought it MIGHT hurt and was basically annoying me, (is that mean?) so we are going to try it again sometime later. She is pretty sad about it. And me too because she has some stinking cute earrings.

I'm still sick with unexplained cheek humps. The Ear/nose/throat Dr was baffled and wanted to do a CT scan on my face. That procedure sounded really cheap to me so we're trying antibiotics first. Yes I'm downing the pro-biotics along with, so I don't gets anyone else's ugly germs.
Ruby celebrated her HALF birthday at school the other day and now she thinks she's older than Maddy. You can bet that bugs the heck out of Maddy. Maddy keeps saying stuff like "why do we keep talking about HALF birthdays when my REAL birthday is on Monday?" Yeah, I'm going to have a 10 year old running around! Any ideas about what we should get her?

Max got home safe and sound from working in Colorado. But now he's doing a side job after work all week, so he's still not home until after 8 every night. He hurt his back 2 days ago and, despite all my trying to keep him home, is still working. The nerve of some husbands.

We miss all of you that we never see- and those of you we do see, we'll see ya later.
The end.