Saturday, February 26, 2011

Daisy stuff....

Daisy is 3 months old and weighs 12 lbs 12 oz. Remember, She was our little runt baby at 9 lbs 9 oz at birth, then, cause she's one of our babies she lost a whole pound 3 days later. Jaundice-y fun.

Enjoying a "Bumbo seat"

When I use to feed D in the middle of the night, (now she's pretty good and usually sleeps until 5:30am or later) we had many speaks. One time she was getting on my very tired nerve. I told her that she wasn't very patient and perhaps she should work on that. A few middle of the nights later she was eating like a champ and Max rolled over and said "D's been working on her patience, hasn't she?"

Baby camo.

Her cute little blessing shoe-ed feet. And my Dad's feet too ^

Almost every middle of the night feeding I had to say "IT'S NEVER THERE" cause Daisy would try to eat my arm or elbow pit. You haven't lived until your baby has licked your arm. Gooood times.

Dad and the tent cot.
We've had a rough go of it this week, with germs and sickies running rampid. All the girls (even me) have been sick - but mostly Ru and Daisy. Ruby got it the worst and was out of school ALL week. She's still sick! Max set his tent cot up for Maddy to sleep in so Ruby wouldn't keep her up with all the coughing at night. Max got in it to take a nap this afternoon and got so excited about it that he couldn't sleep.

Daisy isn't the most charming of eaters. (she really needs to keep working on her patience) I always feed her on one side -burp - feed her on the other side and burp. Almost every time I start the burping part she freaks out. I finally had to tell her that burping was part of the program. I said "we eat ..burp ..and burp again. And that this was the burping part of the program. She understood -- but only sometimes.
Speaking of burbing, sometimes Daisy can burp so loud that I think her lips actually vibrate like Homer's drunken friend on the Simpson's.
Taa dah!

The Daisy blessing....

We did it. We FINALLY got our little D blessed. Not that we took ANY pictures of our little family-- but we got her blessed. FINALLY. HOO-ray.

My cute Dad and Daisy. He gave her a great blessing. I wrote it down but I think the paper is still in Max's shirt pocket. Woopsie.

My darling Mom and Daisy. Daisy had about had it for the day and was about 5 minutes from a total meltdown. Thanks -baby- for being so good for SOOOO long.
We had her blessing at our church house, but only after all the wards had gone for the day. I tell you, that is the way to do it. I didn't even have to clean one thing at my house.

My cute Dad again.

And my cutest friend Shaunell and me. Everyone, even me, thinks we look like sisters. I'd take her in a heartbeat, she's one of those friends who you never EVER see (even thought you pinkie swear you will) and when you finally do get together it seems like you never left each other.

The other picture I took. I couldn't decide which picture was cutest so I posted them both.

Blessing done, over and out.
The end.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Maddy, the eleven year old....

My first born turned 11 on Tuesday February 8th, 2011 I KNOW! I don't think I'm old enough to have an 11 year old either! Anyhow, She was born at exactly 11 am after a grueling hour 45 of pushing. I though it was HARD work (little did I know, her labor and recovery would be cake compared to my other two).

She was home sick on her actual birthday (bummer) so we were able to get an exact birthday minute photo. I'll discuss the puff ball coming out of her head at a later date.

Wendy's sour cream and chive (with extra "Daisy" sour cream) baked potato for breakfast. Her favorite.

A PEACE DUDE cake....

..... tie dyed and everything.

The smoke filled air and all the candles out at once! Only too bad for her, she forgot to make a wish.
Here's 11 12 or so things that make Maddy Grrrreat.
  • She has the sweetest smile
  • She LOVES her family (especially the new girl)
  • She's patient with MOST everyone. She tries to be patient with her little Ruby sister, even though Ruby gets into her things and moves stuff around. (It's only cause Maddy has such cool and interesting stuff)
  • She is "SUPER CUTE" and "super funny"
  • She's kind, she doesn't want to do or say anything that might make someone feel the teeniest bit bad.
  • She LOVES shoes, clothes, hats, jewelry, shopping and all things fashion.
  • She LOVES bugs, streams, rocks, dirt and shooting guns (especially at doves) She isn't afraid of putting a worm on a fishing hook. Even half a worm!
  • She THINKS she's my favorite child. ....wink....wink...
  • Her 5th grade teacher, Mr Bailey, LOVES LOVES LOVES her. In fact, he had tears in his eyes, telling me how great Maddy was, at our last Parent/Teacher conference. He talked about how much he needed her in his class (he's got a hard class this year) and how he wished he could have 5 more Maddys in there. It does a parent good to hear that kind of stuff.
  • She's really smart and tries so hard to do what's right. She even says her prayers every night when her own mother doesn't remember to say hers.
  • She makes up the best nick names for her sisters. She's got about 20 for Ruby and a few for Daisy already.
  • AND........
  • She still wants to hang out with her parents.


We love your short little guts Mads. Happy 11th Birthday girl.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sick happens....

2011 hasn't been much my favorite year so far. 2010 was super HARD but we got a cute baby Daisy at the end. TOTALLY worth the whole year. 2011 has been nothing but hospital bills (for Daisy), stress, money woe's and sickies.

First Ru was sick, then the next week Maddy took her VERY BAD turn with an awful cold, then pink eye and ear infections. She stayed home all week but by the middle of it she was well enough to follow me around being bored. Then Max got sick last Sunday and is suffering through while going to work still. He's a VERY tough cookie---until he gets home...then he's useless. <:Bless his Heart:> THEN, yesterday Ruby got sick AGAIN! With a temp of 102.3 in the night. While I was up in the night with Ru, Daisy woke up with the most pitiful snoggy nose you've ever met. Max then worried and worried that she's got RSV. She'll be fine. In fact, as soon as she gets over the pitifulness of me getting her boogers out, she's all smiles.

I am not sick *yet* but just tired tired tired. I've not been sleeping much for the past 3 days. Daisy is still in out room and usually sleeps GREAT, but this week (probably cause she's been fighting the germs) she has been waking up lots. I just give her a Binky and she goes right back to sleep. I, on the other hand, do not. I lay awake and wonder about stuff. We are suppose to be blessing the Daisy this Sunday but I don't think it's going to happen. I'm too busy with germs and my eyeballs not cooperating at night, maybe we'll bless her next week. We should do it soon since her dress might not fit her for much longer.

So that's what's been a happening in these parts. The end I'm going to have a nap.

Update: Sunday Feburary 6th PM I'm SICK. Monday Feb 7th Maddy's sick again. The end.