Monday, August 31, 2009

A lonely only child....

I know Ruby is not an only child but her playmate has left us for more exciting schoolish things.

I'm on the computer, and have been for about 45 minutes. I came down to pay bills, except for I got side tracked about reading blogs. It happens all the time.

Ruby is a follower. She followed me down and is, in the basement, playing with Barbies.

She just- all sassy like- said : "Mom, I'm down here and am berry (very) lonely."

Me: "Ummmm mmm." (Because I'm ignoring her a little)

Ruby: "I have no one to play wist (with)..............named MOM."


PS: I have already played paper dolls with her this morning, except for my paper doll is having a nap.

PS again: Ruby starts pre-school tomorrow. Yippee.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thin people...

So, Max and Ruby (heehee) and I went to the grocery store the other day.

We were walking down the isle when I noticed the most unfair sight in all the land. It hurt my very heart.

It was a super model lady with her angel child. Both dressed to the nines. ( I don't know where that saying actually came from or what it actually means but I think it means "fancy") Anyway, this lady had flawless hair and make-up, sparkly jewelry, designer jeans etc. etc. - you get the picture - except for you don't get the picture because I didn't dare take one.... My Mom would have taken one. She's brave.

Well, in her cart she had boxes and bags and cases of:

Cupcakes, Twinkies, Ho Ho's, regular (not diet) soda, donuts, bags of cookies and candy! And not just a little bit, her cart was F-U-L-L. And that was all it was full of. Not a veggie or a fruit, a granola bar, or even a fiber supplement.

As we passed by her, Max says "did you see that lady's cart?"

My only joy was that she was headed to the Pharmacy. Maybe she has heartburn.

Here's hoping.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh - by the way....

Ruby has redeemed herself -but just a little bit- for that prayer she said a few posts ago.

The other day she was going outside and she said: "bye Mama"

I said: "bye Ruby"

and then she said: " Bye Mama, I was just wanting to remind you"

She loves me too.

The end.

Father's Day 2009

On Father's Day we went fishing to Bursten Ponds. We do not attend Church on Father's Day because the father of our house does not enjoy Church.

We caught lots and lots of HUGE fish.

It poured rain sometimes.
But who cares, we were catching monster fish.

With sticks and moss.

We would just lower the worm into the water and the tiny fish would swim and grab it. Most times the fish would just be holding on to the worm and not the hook.

The fashionable fisher-woman. Maddy was not grossed out at all by worms or slimy wiggly fish.

Ruby was in heaven, she was catching fish all by her self.

There was a lot of pulling up of the drawers.

And some being goofy.

We ate snacks.

Did I mention "huge fish"?

And being cute.

Help for little person by the not so much bigger person.

I was even there.

Everyone had loads of fun. EVEN ME.

THE end.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

new do's brought to you--by Shaunell

My good friend Shaunell has a new do' blog for your kiddies. She is my friend who lived right next door to me in our townhouse. But now she has turned to the dark side and moved NORTH. North is bad. It is full of people - and traffic. B-AAHHH-DUH. When she lived right next door, it was AWESOME! We would spend all day with each other, and never get tired of one another. Our husbands would come home from work and would just walk next door to find us. We were ALWAYS together.

She and I each have 2 girls, and although she is not an actual hair stylist, her girls hair is always MUCH cuter than mine. So check out her fancy new blog. She is great. I SO miss living right next door to her. Plus, she is darling and fun.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Who Ruby loves most...

Last night at dinner, Ruby said the prayer.

This is how it went:

"Dear Fad-er" (Dear Heavenly Father)

"Fank vee (thank thee) for the blessings"

"Fank vee for the food"

"and fank it." (that means 'please bless it')

"bless that Me and Maddy won't be crabby to each udder" (each other)

"and Please bless my Daddy to always remember that I love him"

"In the name of Jesus Amen"

I'm going to go cry on my huge pilla.

the end.

snif snif

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Presenting---The Coolest First Day of School.....ever....(2009)

It all started the day before with a mini manicures and pedicures with Shaunell and her girlies.

Maddy's pedies being pampered to pieces.

Shaunell's oldie girl Cetera- she's in 1st grade.

G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. (it kinda hurt my brain to type that)

Shaunell and her youngest girlie "Wheeze" or "Aislyn" if you prefer.

Ruby cashing in on some pampering. (her fingers were half naked by bedtime)

All this fun was leading up to the LONG sleepless (by Maddy) night. And finally the super dooper first day of school........EXCITEMENT

This was the chosen outfit. Debuting the much anticipated "I wish I could wear these before school-skinny jeans" purchased from the thrift store and stowed away with the rest of the school clothes in the dreaded box under my bed.

Fourth GRADE (That's why she's holding up "4" fingers)

This was the first of 3 outfits tried on that morning. It lost but was worn today "the official SECOND and coolest day of school"

Just for reference -for a little later- you might want to notice the orange walls in Maddy's room.

The best first day of school breakfast ever....french toast with buttermilk syrup. Toast by Max, syrup by Mom.


And a "wait I have to rub your bean for good luck" just before she left for the school bus.

As soon as she she was off and RUNNING (seriously 25 minutes early) to the bus stop, Ruby and I started clearing out Maddy's room. So we could

Picture by Ruby. The green by the light switch was a reject color....

And a picture by Mom. I could have blamed it on Ruby but I am a grown up. Except for that I don't think grown ups call themselves "grown up".

The real color. Sun shade by True Value.

Max and I hustled all day to paint -with a few bumps and reject edgers- so we could surprise Maddy.

She got home and kept telling us all about her day and we listened (really) and FINALLY she went to change out of her school clothes.



Her favorite color in all the land.

Then, after all that fun hoopla, we went up to Grandma Smiths and dropped off the chillin's so Max and I could go to dinner for our 14 year anniversary. YEP we're old. I was in a bummer mood for some reason I don't know why (Max was very sweet about it). It was nice to go out and the food was good.

THE end.


For the Coolest First Day of School..............EVER post

(What that might have taken place yesterday)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Can you believe these faces belong to ME?

I'm the winner.

Cabela's and a shoe problem...

This is Maddy. Maddy might have a shoe problem.

These are all the shoes she is getting rid of before school starts. They are all too small for her. She is devastated about the pink ones with the bow on the toe. My blood is boiling about the Heely's she asked for for Christmas and only used (with the wheels in) once.

She still has 10 pair of shoes, counting her boots and flip flops, in her closet.

We went to Cabela's. There is two things you must do when you go there. First, You HAVE to go shooting.

And second, you must buy fudge. We don't have pictures of the fudge.

It's gone.

Too bad.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Not FOR Ruby's birthday, but ON her birthday we bought our very first yard art. It's not very small or super attractive (although it isn't as bad as the compost tumbler that sits to the left) but it is VERY fun and entertaining. And what's better is, now we don't have "the boring yard" of the neighborhood.

We went to look at swing sets and this was all Maddy wanted. A trapeze bar. It is the most favorite (and fought over) of the whole contraption.

Even big kids like our new BLING.

Big GOOFY kids.

And if a swing set wasn't enough fun-- our neighbor, Jason, and his horses stopped by to give the girls a ride.

Ruby saw them out side her bedroom window and about had a freak out trying to get someone to go out with her (she's shy of Jason) to see them. He asked her if she wanted a ride--I don't think she even answered him, she just ran in and got her "Cowboy-girl" boots on. Maddy was shy too but got her shoes on also.

Maddy says horses have bony bums.

I told her "she's one to talk".

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

just some silly stuff...

Family BBQ's are exhausting.

And sleeping in the car is extra comfy.

Ruby's super easy way to put away both her scooter and her big wheel at the same time.

She has ALL the best ideas.