Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ha HA funny funny...

Our Jason neighbor, the one with the horses, stopped by last night. He was talking to Max and said, "Hillary's funny" Max said to him "she's not as funny when you live with her"

I told Max that my hilariousness was wasted on him.

The lesson for today....

Here is our stove.

Here are some farm fresh eggs. Aren't they cute?

Here is the crack between our stove and counter. I've always hated that crack.

Max learned that it is the perfect size for a cracked egg to slip through.

I learned that cleaning up slimy egg off of sub-floor, from under the stove while Max continues to make breakfast, isn't very easy.

We probably didn't need to experience that lesson to actually LEARN it.
The end.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The absent minded Tooth Fairy.....

Maddy lost a tooth a couple of weeks ago. After it had been nearly a week of Tooth Fairyless nights she wrote this note, and stuck it in the hallway. For some reason I transfered it to my very exact bathroom mirror. (I have no idea why I would do that)

And VIOLA! A dollar suddenly appeared under her pillow.

PS: FYI and totally off the subject, Ruby's belly button is TWICE the size of Maddy's.

The end.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stuff Ruby said today.....

Tonight, I made stir-fry for dinner. Ruby came into the kitchen and said "Mom, whats for smells like I don't like it."

Then after dinner the Ruby was telling the Maddy to spell words for her. Maddy told Ruby to spell "cat" Ruby said -almost yelling - "NO, MADS, that's a hard one!"

Plus, that picture is what she wore to pre-school one day. I tried, very kindly, to make her change one print to a solid - at least. SHE CRIED. A LOT. I did win the not wearing the brown argyle knee high socks with pictured outfit but only because it was extremely warm that day.

Plus, also. Interesting outfits are a regular thing around here. I finally told her teacher that I MAKE her wear that stuff (I had to tell Maddy's teachers the same thing).
The end

I love presents....

My fortune from Tsing Tao in Payson read:

So.... Who's it gonna be? Mom, Shan, Alzabeth, Tierney, Maddy perhaps? Anyone? Anyone?
You mustn't upset the destiny of the fortune. I'm just sayin'

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who's kid is that......

Other possible names for this post: What was I thinking?, Is that Stephanie from Lazy Town..., Where was that child's mother.... Is her name Candy.... Ruby wants to be like "PINK"-the singer- ( she does love to sing "so what, I'm still a rock star...." )

I seem to have a screw loose. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to turn Ruby's hair FUCHSIA.

She has been super dooper at doing her jobs lately, (it might be because she wants to play with a certain Jayton from her class, but that's another story for another time)

and she's been wanting her hair colored for a really long time.

So yesterday, I put 15 foils of "Raspberry" in this 4 -and a half- year old child's head. It would seem that 15 foils is about 12 foils too many. It would seem that it's......

REALLY REALLY pink and she REALLY REALLY loves it.

This is the face I got when I said we needed to strip some of the color out. I may need to go into hiding. The bad mom police will soon be knocking on my door. And perhaps the hair police too.

In my defence, and probably for the record, I've put this color on her head before (not 15 foils worth) and it didn't go this vibrant. Probably next time I won't add heat to it and leave it on for quite as long. What a bad hairstylist.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Something a little funny....

I was taking the Mads to school this morning......curse you daylight savings...... when we saw a peculiar sight. An oldish man was pushing an empty wheel chair up the road, looking rather out of sorts. About half a block down the road was a nurse running like she had lost..... well, an oldish man and an empty wheelchair. And still another half block down the road is where the Latter day Assisted Living building is. Which I can only assume is where that oldie man belonged with his wheel chair.

Funny--- but only because he got safe.

PS the nurse was smiling as she huffed and puffed, I'm pretty sure she thought it was funny too. or maybe she was embarrassed, or maybe she was relieved to see the oldie man safe too.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Snow day...

Yesterday morning it was sunny and warm. Then by the afternoon it was blizzardish outside. It didn't stop til today. Big heavy wet snow........ I'm bored of snow. It's MARCH for cryingoutloud.

Max likes everyone to keep him company while he shovels....Mostly because he can chuck snow at his children. Maddy's was thrilled.

He also likes to bury them in the snow. Ruby wasn't a fan.

Maybe she was, a little.

Action shot. See the snow flying? They're a bit claustrophobic I think. (of all the words I misspelled in this post "claustrophobic" wasn't one of them. HUHhh Go figure)

GRRRRR. "Maddy took some of my snow."

And one gigantic snow lady. Max and the girls made this lovely creation while I cleaned up breakfast. Max made a snow "ramp" cuz the middle snow ball was too heavy to lift. What a smarty pants I married.

Maddy said I had to actually come outside to "see the full effect". Right exactly as I was taking this picture, the snow lady's eye fell out. Maybe she was winking, who knows.

Maddy doing the always enjoyable bunny ears.

And big hugs. Don't ask me what Maddy is doing.....remember, she's 10.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Something to talk about....

It was Dr Seuss week at school. Wednesday was wacky clothes and hair day. This is what Maddy came up with. I actually made her take off a few accessories cuz I thought they might be distracting. ( I had 4 misspelled words in that tiny paragraph-5 if you count "cuz'--and probably "paragraph") I'm a special speller.

FYI that's a Chinese jump rope around her leg AND her waist. Plus also, we straightened half her hair. It was the coolest idea ever.

Just a cute Ruby picture. She has hair issues.

I send the girls outside for some fresh air after church last Sunday. This is what they came up with, Rock People and their houses. Can you tell which are the houses?

Ruby's green tongue. She'd been eating a Lic-a-stik, or preparing for St Patty's Day. And also watching America's Best Dance Crew on MTV- but that's beside the point.

And finally my new toes. Which you will be seeing in Meg's toe book, if you happen to have made an appointment - as of Wednesday, she's book through June . Totally not the best picture of my pigs, but it WAS the best of the three that I took. Needless to say, I painted Mad's and Ru's toes the next day. Theirs look like watermelons but are not nearly as beauteous as Megs creations.

Maybe I'll post their toes soon. Don't hold your breath, since I'm not the most prompt blogger lady.

Tootles, and that's all.

Except for this is post #201. I'm just sayin'

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The "What was I thinking" post.....

Or more commonly known as, Maddy's stay-up-late party.

Last Friday Maddy had a party with some of her friends from school, and Eliza (her cousin). Except for Liza stayed up late AND slept over. It was a crazy blast.

First, all the girls came and we ate pizza. And carrots and grapes. (just so you all know I fed them something healthy) I made all the girls eat some carrots, Liza ate about half the bowl herself. She's extremely healthy, and her eyesight is delightful.

From Maddy and going to the right is Vanessa (Nessa), Bailey, Katelyn, Liza, Savanna's back, and little Ru. Amnity and Janelly didn't come, and our cousin Kate decided that she was homesick and left with her Mom which made Ruby a bit gloomy.

After dinner we played the hula hoop game. I saw it in Family Fun magazine. All the girls got in a circle and I put a hula hoop on someones shoulder, then they all hold hands and try to get the hula hoop around the circle without letting go of any hands. It's pretty funny.

We got bored so we turned them all backwards and tried it that way. Backwards was fun too.

After some games of ZINGO! and Apples to Apples, we did a craft with foam butterfly shapes, stickers and pipe cleaners. No pictures of those though. After that, we decorated cupcakes. We created some masterpieces, I tell you.

They used almost NO frosting. wink wink. (That's Savanna real face behind Maddy)

Sorry Bailey, I just had to post this picture. It's your own fault for not smiling at me.

And they put hardly any CANDY on them. PS to Liza's parents, She didn't actually eat these.

Ruby and her frosting. Can you see by her stickered hand, we went to Wal-mart that day?

We had fun and were tired and frazzled at the end of the night. Maddy has told me countless times, "thanks for letting me have a party, Mom". Of course Mads.

It was crazy, but it was only 2 hours of crazy.

The good news is, I've almost stopped twitching.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

stuff the girls say that may only be funny to me....

The other night, Maddy was off to bed. I was sitting on our STATIC charged couch, and when she leaned down to kiss me, it shocked us. I said (teasingly) "Owww, how rude". She said.... "love hurts" and she walked away. HUmph.

I was tucking Ruby in the other night, I said "goodnight Ru, I love you". Ruby said: "I love Daddy!" I guess she didn't get the memo that if you are an 11 pound baby, you should be sweet to your mother ALL the rest of your life. PS I got that memo, Mom.

Another Ruby burn. we (meaning MAX) always asks Ruby who her #1 is. Last month at dinner, she said "Mama, what # are you?" I, of course, said "I"m your #1" With out skipping a beat said "no, that's Daddy".

Ruby was cleaning her room, (shocker) when she came out and told me she needed a fork. Apparently, she had gotten some small thing stuck under her bookcase and needed to fetch it. I told her OK, and to bring me the fork when she was finished. And I forgot about it. She, of course, didn't bring me the fork. That night, Max was tucking her in and I hear "Ru, why is there a fork in your bed?" Ruby said "I needed it for my bookcase". Then he tucked Maddy in, Maddy said "Dad, why do you have a fork in your hand". He said "it was in Ruby's bed."

Maddy muttered: "Of course it was."

Every night after dinner I force want the family to clean up together. Maddy is USUALLY super at it. She USUALLY is the only one who stays until everything is finished.
This night, as soon as dinner was over she went and cuddled with Max on our big red chair. I said "hey Mads, come clear your dishes". She looked at Max and said "When in doubt, SNORE" and then BOTH of them started to snore. DEAD MEAT, those people.

Ruby woke up one Saturday morning, and came running out into the living room. She said, all out of breath and flustered, "Mama, in the nighttime, 'P' fell on my head." We thought "pee" she meant the 'P' alphabet pictures that are all around the top of her room. It was mostly funny because we were wondering how pee fell on her head. That'd be gross.

And last but not least, I can put my super long hair* in a pony tail. (mostly the back, the front is all short and I just have to tuck it behind my ears) My hair was bugging me the other night so I put it in a pony. Ruby looked at me and said, "you look like that boy we saw once". We saw him at the TIRE STORE and he was ugly and dirty and his hair probably had cooties. I took my pony tail out.

*I have super long hair because Maddy wants to grow her hair out and we seem to never do it. She always chickens out at the in between length and I'm more than happy to snip it into a fabulous pixie cut. So, at the first of the school year, I told her that WE wouldn't cut our hair until she was 11. (yes we're trimming still) It's been 5 months. It's driving me insane.