Wednesday, September 30, 2009

who need pants....

Ruby LOVES dresses.

Today it is not warm. It's stormy and cold and freezy. I told Ruby that she better wear pants to school because it was so cold. She looked at me and said: "uh- pants bug me."

Ruby LOVES dresses---and thats all.

Monday, September 28, 2009

What Ruby said at school...

Ruby's pre school has a blog. It's a private blog, only for the parents eyes So I wanted to steal this cute tid-bit and share Ruby's silliness. This is what her teacher posted about last week.

Mrs Andy wrote:

After a painting "incident" (sorry, Hillary), I was trying to get paint out of Ruby's cute dress. After a few minutes of scrubbing, Ruby very politely asked,"Teacher, is this going to take a long time? Because this is kinda boring."

The end.

PS with a little help from the Felz-Naptha soap, the paint came right out. That stuff saves my laundry all the time.

PPS You can buy it at Macey's grocery store in the laundry aisle. It is just a bar soap wrapped in paper.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Max was going to be home at 5:30 so Jimi and I could go out. He thought I had said that Dee wasn't going to be home until 7! LIES So he stopped to talk at his friend for 45 minutes ARGGG before coming home, which made us miss the movie. So no naked bum bums for me. Personally I am not in love with naked bums that are older than 4 years. Also, apparently, that movie is a SAD SAD one, I don't love those so I am a little relieved we missed it. Crying in public isn't my favorite. We ended up going to dinner and them walking the mall, which I haven't done, seriously, in YEARS. We had a really good time and good talks. We both bought cute new hats.

Yesterday morning (or rather in the middle of the night when Max was leaving for work) I told Max that I was mad at him. I was teasing because I had had a dream that he was being mean to me and when that used to happened I would wake up and be mad at him for reals. I am way more grown up now and would never be serious mad at him for something I dreamed. All he said was "of course" and left for work. That guy's crabby in the middle of the night. I was too tired and sleepy to explain, so he didn't know I was dream mad at him and now apparently we are fighting.

How do you make up from a dream fight?

The girls have the day off of school today. This morning I suggested all sorts of fun stuff for us to go do. They didn't want to do any of it. I guess we are staying home. Boring for me.

That'll be all.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

nothing important....

I have not blogged in FOREVER because we haven't been doing anything blog worthy.

Yesterday, I spend all of my "alone time" (while Ruby was at school) at two different grocery stores spending most of my grocery money on their "Case Lot" sales. I don't have meat, milk or bread but man, do I have oodles of green beans, cream of chicken soup, evaporated milk (oh I guess I do have milk) and tuna fish. Buying the cases of canned goods isn't the hard part, the hard part is putting it all away. Which means hauling it all down stairs to our food storage room and trying to find spots for it all. Organized spots so that when I send anyone besides me down to get something, they can find it. I was POOPED. And grumpy. Yesterday was also one of those days that you feel like you have been running and running all day and by dinner you realize you haven't done a dang thing.

Plus, I had little children talking non-stop - all day - at my face. They were saying things like: "now what can I do?" and "can I watch something?"

I was Grumpy.

But not anymore.

Today is Activity days, so I'll have eight crazy nine year old girls at my house all afternoon.

I predict, I may be grumpy later.

After that I am going out with my friend Jimi. Which makes me very un-grumpy. We are going to dinner and a movie, The Time Traveler's Wife, which is apparently a cry your eye balls out movie.

A roller coaster of emotions, I tell you.

We'll see how tomorrow goes.

The END.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

AP Forth Grade and boyfriends....

Maddy's teacher thinks she is teaching an AP forth grade class. At least that's what it seems like with all the homework she is giving out. Maddy is no dummy. In fact she is quite a smarty pants, she is also a homework doer and an avid rule follower. We thought her 2nd and 3rd grade teachers were strict. Her 2nd and 3rd grade teachers were a delight. This new lady (who was Maddy's Tumbling teacher a few years back) puts a whole new spin on strict.

Maddy's best friend Bailey wasn't at school one day last week. So the next day I asked Maddy where she had been? Maddy said she didn't know because they aren't allowed to talk during school. I said, why didn't she ask her when she first got to school - before the bell rang. Maddy said they aren't allowed. They are suppose to start on their morning work as soon as they get in class.

AP Forth Grade.

They have to have good posture in class, it is called "learning position". They have spelling, math and reading homework every night- even on weekends. The spelling is not just reciting and writing the words down, no, she has about 8 different things to choose from (like "write sentences for all the spelling words, using at least 3 in each sentence") and you can't choose the same one two days in a row. At least Maddy says so, because she is a rule follower.

The math is suppose to take 10 minutes (or so her teacher says). If you are Maddy and your dad (who is no math dummy) is helping you, it talks about an hour some days. JUST FOR MATH.

The reading part is lame too. Not only does she have them read for 20 minutes (which is no biggie) but she has -again- given them busy work things to write about, for their reading each night. For example: "write 5 questions you would ask a character in the book" or "what would you change if you were the author" or "write a summary of what you have read so far". Maddy is a super reader and reads well above grade level, (She read Island of the Blue Dolphins two summers ago, and loved and understood it - she was 7 ) and sometimes only reads half a chapter before bed. Now, what is she suppose to summarize about half a chapter?

Apparently she's in AP Forth Grade.

As for Ruby

Last year in pre-school, she had boys helping her with her coat and backpack, and holding doors for her. This year she already has a boy who wants to be her boyfriend. She JUST turned 4! I tell you, I am afraid for me, when that girl is in High School. I swear she'll be the one sneaking trashy make-up and immodest clothes to school in her book bag, and hiding behind the dugout.

At least she'll still have her uni brow to scare them off with, when I ask her if she wants me to wax it again she slaps her hands over it her foremelon forehead and yells "NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!"


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Today is my parents wedding anniversary. They have been married ??? - I don't actually know how many years, but it is A LOT. They are the greatest parents in all the land. I love both of them to pieces.

I tease that I can't speak at my Mom's funeral -and I can't- But, to tell you the truth I won't be able to speak at my Dad's either. I'll just be a mess -they can never die. I need them around way to much. They are my go to people, my question answerer's, my "there there'ers" and sometimes my "it's just a movie'ers".

I hope you have a good day. I love you with all my being.

Thanks for getting married and having all those pesky children.

I love them too.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Adventures at Onion Days

Onion Days is a big deal around here. It has nothing to do AT ALL with onions (perhaps it use to) but still, we celebrate. This year Max had to work, and I was a bit sad about that, until my friend Shan called. I stole this picture from her blog. She's super fun and cute too.

Shan is a VERY popular Jr high teacher in Payson. She wanted to go party with all the onions but didn't want to go by herself and see oodles of students and be the crazy weird teacher who goes to carnivals alone.

So she called me. And since I wasn't about to take my children by myself (it's true, I wouldn't have) we went together.

First, because of the parade I couldn't get across main street to her house. I probably could have but I didn't have to nerve or the skills to figure out how. So I had to park in the first available parking spot I found, which happened to practically be in another state. We had a nice long walk and met Shan at the carousel.

Where the children promptly got on- and rode with out waiting in ANY lines. All the other children were busy watching every single city royalty, dance group, old person and band march the parade. The parade is really not that fun. Maddy even said.

My camera is too slow, so here is a horse bum picture. After we ate and rode some rides and ate some more, we walked to Shan's house, which is about one whole block from the fun. Our plan was to walk to her house, and she would drive us to our car, which I wasn't exactly sure of its location. When we got to her house, her neighbors were having a party and her car was totally blocked in the driveway. So we waited. And finally decided to start our trek back to (find) our car. I'm not sure if Shan was bored and knew she couldn't go anywhere in her car or she felt bad about us walking so far, but she came with us. It made for a way more funner trip. When we finally go to our car Shan promptly said: "You have a flat tire." I wish she had been kidding.

This, by the way, is my first flat tire of my driving career. Not to shabby.

That morning I had taken something to Max at his job site and ran right over a screw. That'll teach me to deliver stuff to him. It should teach him too, because he had to rescue us. He pumped up my tire and followed us to Shan's house to drop her off. Her car wasn't blocked in anymore. Then we dropped of my car at the tire place (turns out I need 4 new tires, but only because I don't get them rotated ever very often.

While we were waiting for Max to rescue us, we had Maddy and Ruby run around the car (which was totally safe) 10 times. Ruby about got clobbered by a truck because as soon as she saw Max pull up she bolted across the street for him. I tell you, that kid loves her dad too much- it's dangerous.

After a wash (carnie's are ick) and a rest we went back to the carnival with the Dad. The girls had decided earlier in the day that they wanted to ride the Ferris wheel with him.

These are the best pictures I took of their ride.
This ride is next to the Ferris wheel. Each cage twirls around while the whole contraption spins. You couldn't pay me to ride it. Maddy use to want to ride it back when she was too small, she has come to her senses and says she'll pass.

We had enough tickets left that all three of the kids went on the big slide.

The big one didn't listen when I say "hold on a second, I'll take your picture."

After the rides, we had some YUMMY carne asada for dinner. We were at the vendor at the exact right time because they were almost out and gave us half off a second meal so they could go home. LUCKY US - it was delicious. Also, it fed all of us for less then a trip to Wendy's.

Ruby got finished with her dinner early and took to "streaking" up and down the hill.

We walked around the booths and the girls bought some "flair" (buttons) for a whole 75 cents.
They ALL played on the playground until it was time to go home.

It was a strange and a super fun day. I even learned a few things:

1. if your husband forgets something at work, tell him tough beans.
2. Do figure out the best way to Shan's house BEFORE a parade happens.
3. try to take note of what street you parked your car on.
4. SUNSCREEN is your friend.
5. Remember to laugh at a flat tire. Because it really is funny.

The end.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

First day of pre-school...2009

Ruby started her new pre-school on Tuesday. Her first day was not as great as Maddy's first day, but she was almost as excited. Her school starts at 12:30 pm - she was ready to go (with backpack) by 9:00 am.

We switched pre-schools because I had heard great things about this school, lots of kids in our neighborhood were going to it, and I can carpool.

She loves school already. Yesterday she got to take a bag with 5 things in it that she loved. Of course Ruff Ruff was in there, also a glitter bouncy ball, a telescope made out of toilet paper rolls, some lip gloss and a ABC's workbook.

Miscellaneous business...

We had dirt and worms for dinner the other night. It was Ruby's idea - and she didn't even eat hers.

Maddy's preferred way to swing.

Cute, cute cute. Also, the hair "before".

Are YOU talkin' to me?

So, last week I was on the phone with my hair stylist friend Jessica. I was watching Maddy do her hair for the day. She is (was) growing it out and we have (had) it cut in an a-line. Well, she was bobby pinning the sides back so it looked like she had short hair. I said to her "if you want your hair to look short then why don't we just cut it short?" She said "OK" and brought my my scissors. I told Jessica that I had to go. She understood.

And why not weave some red in to it? You know, since we were already playing.

I had planned on trimming Ruby's hair that morning. This is what she does while I am working. Looking at hair magazines, crossing her legs. She's 40 not 4.

And the AFTER. Doesn't it just suit her? Her head was born for cute sassy hair.

We also went up the canyon, for a weenie roast dinner, last weekend.

Waiting for the DOGS to cook.

Just looks like I am related to "Heed" and also that I am married to a (cute) pin head. I'm suffering with a bad picture of me because Max's picture is so cute.

Too dark for pictures.

Retrieving the roasted marshmallow. You would think she'd pull it closer to her. Maddy likes a challenge.

NO, I have the bigger turkey lip.

We threw chips to the squirrel that came into our "camp". All we had were Salsa Verde Doritos and they were a bit spicy. We were laughing that the squirrel was saying ( in his little squirelly voice) "ahh these are too hot, I need some water". Ruby thought that was hilarious.

Max has had not so very much work these past few weeks (scary) and we've had lots of (cheap)fun together. Now he is SWAMPED (which is good) and we are lonely.

Play time is OVER.