Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wardrobe extravaganza......

Oh the joy. My one Emily friend (from bunko) is awesome, nice and generous! Plus, so is her daughter. Her daughter is 10, like Mads but instead of being a pygmy (like Mads) she is a super model. Which means she had loads of clothes that are too small for her and just right for Maddy. Her mom emailed me a couple of weeks ago saying she'd cleaned out her daughters closet and did we want a huge bag of clothes? HECK YEAH. In the bag there was oodles of darling stuff.

Like this wonderful dress, it's only problem is that it's not my size. I swear I want this dress. Maddy was doing the Hula, by the way.

And these darling polka-dot shorts and "PEACE DUDE" shirt.

a few swim options that fit her PERFECT, I think the one she's wearing was a dance costume but Mads LOVES it the most and is going to wear it to the pool.

These Levi shorts, and cute green tank. Posing optional.

And also these shorts and "AERO" shirt.

And lastly, these are the things we are saving for later. They are a tiny bit too big or just plain wintery, so we are keeping them safe for the new school year. Thanks Emily and your darling offspring for all the cute clothes, our school shopping is half done already.
Also, It's a good thing she gave us these clothes this week, or Maddy would have been going to school naked all week. She has worn no less than 3 (usually 4) things a day from that bag of goodies.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not much to bloggy.....

I've been getting some complaints about my lack of blogginess.

My reasons are as follows:

I have no spit in my mouth, so that makes me not sleep at night, which makes me TIRED ALL OF THE TIME. Plus when I am asleep, Max decides to snor a little. My house is messy and the kids are hungry and the laundry is never finished and it's not snowy outside so I can see my neighbor friends again and American Idol is on, plus my car died a little and then it was Spring Break so, of course, we had to party everyday, and it was Easter and just vacuuming up Easter grass is enough excuse not to blog, and I'm thirsty since I have no spit, and finally, I don't have anything to blog about.


PS I will have something soon. And it is called "Wardrobe extravaganza"

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Day is foolish....

This is my front door. Very Springish.

This is our view from our front door this morning. Blah.

And the view from our backdoor. The wind has been blowing for 2 days straight in anticipation for this foolish storm. That's my swing. It was tipped over, turned backwards, and scooted about 15 feet. Ruby's big wheel was IN THE EMPTY LOT next door to us, along with all the sand toys and soccer balls. She rescued them yesterday. Perhaps we should clean up our backyard more often.
Our grill has about 8 inches of snow on it.

And our back door. It doesn't look very Eastery to me.

I love April Fool's Day about as much as I love Nicholas Sparks.

Plus I had to shovel the driveway. Shoveling the driveway is treacherous.