Tuesday, June 7, 2011

funk-ity funk

I'm smack dab all out in a funk. Not just about blogging, about EVERYTHING. Housework, cooking dinner-lunch-breakfast, laundry, phone calls, housework, being nice, money, bills. And also, housework.

My crabbiness might be caused by my extreme lack of sleep. Not by my baby, but by my own self. I've been dreaming terrible horrible no good very bad dreams which make me wake up and nearly hyperventalate from fright. I won't bore you with the details, since I have inherritated my Mom's aversion to listening to other peoples dreams, but I will tell you that one of my dreams involved me running my car off the side of a bridge. And for the rest of the night - and all the next day I tried to figure out how I would save myself and what I would do if Daisy were in the car and why would I have left my purse in the back seat and do cell phones work under water.........

Today the girls and I were watching Yard Crashers (they never do what I would want them to do) when a Fathers Day comercial came on. It showed a Dad getting a sliver out of his little girl's foot and he said "this is why we wear shoes" I looked at Ru and said "YEAH Ruby, except for it's the Mom who gets all the slivers out" and she says, without missing a sassy beat "yeah, except for when you're SLEEPING". That KID.

Also, Daisy started to crawl--- at 5! months. Then after that, she learned to sit up.
Then she got 2 teeth, after that, she started pulling herself up to standing! And if that wasn't enough I found another tooth yesterday. It's been rough around these parts.

Maddy just wants to be a grown up, and thinks we need to go to (the clothing store) Forever 21. I tried to tell her that store was for older ladies who would like to be younger, not for eleven year olds who want to be older. Also, she is a reader pants. She reads stuff that I never would cause I wouldn't be able to follow the story.....don't tell her that. She thinks I can, and KNOW everything.

The end ...for now. I might blog about "6 months of Daisy" before she turns 7 months (but thats in 4 days) so maybe not.

Blogger won't spell check so I hope you've all had a good laugh.

Peace out