Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pet names?....

So.....I seem to have super good names for my family members.....if they were animals.

Years ago when We moved to our townhouse and Max and I only had one Maddy for a kid, we had 2 sets of neighbors right across from us. They didn't have any kids just one dog each.....One was names Maddy and one was named Max. DOGS. Let me also say that Max is the #1 dog name E V E R. For reals.

Then, when Ruby came around, I told my friend that we were going to name her "Ruby" and she said "OH, I know a goat named Ruby". Let me also say that that same friend thinks there isn't a more perfect name for a baby then "Ruby" except for maybe "Roxie" (I know a dog named Roxie)

Ruby, the person. (at her dance recital that happened and I never blogged about)

Maddy the person.

Daisy, the person.

Now that we have a Daisy, there are 2 DOGS in my neighborhood named DAISY. One lives about 3 houses down from us and the other is my good friend Holly's dog. She says she feels bad every time she yells at her dog. In her defense her dog came first. Also, Max's cousin has a dog named Daisy. Daisy the person doesn't know what to think about this news.

bark bark bark and mehhhh. (what sound does a goat make anyway?)

That's all.


Emily said...

I love you and your animal children.

Jessica said...

I think Roxie may be catching up to Max for most popular dog name. Seriously? Who would waste these sweet names on dogs? Dogs should be named Spot. Or Santa's Little Helper. Or Fido. Or Ruff Ruffman. That'll be all.

Nickie said...

You are all cute people too! I cannot believe how in love I am with that little Ruby! Her dance costume, and that smile! Your girls are darling! What a cute cute family!
I have never met a dog named Hillary...just sayin'.
and my secret code word was mermi, which I think is a great name for a fish!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

My, my. What a bunch of hoopla and Daisy-the-person does look perplexed.

I had a child that I named Elizabeth, which means "gift from God." I think God maybe has a quirky sense of humor.

And your name means, "cheerful," but it is a unisex name so I guess you could choose, would you rather be named for a dog or the famous mountain climber, Sir Edmund Hillary? He and his Sherpa were the first to climb Mt. Everest. Unless a goat beat them when nobody was looking. But, he was named in the 100 most influential people OF THE CENTURY by Time magazine. So, you are in good company and the goat probably didn't climb up there just for the view anyway.

PS Your Nicki is funny!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

PPS She's not "Your" Nicki is she? She probably is Tricia's Nicki.