Monday, December 5, 2011

Daisy turns 1 Ta da.

It's true. Our little baby - that was just barely born - turned one. Nearly a month ago.....

Max holding her back so I can get a shot of the birthday girl that isn't blurry. This little kid NEVER stops moving.

Inspecting Her own personal cake. She like to explore things..... a lot of things, with her 2 teeny fingers.

Her birthday candle cake. Looks tasty and cute, but it was a dud. I got a hair brained idea to flavor the frosting with a packet of strawberry lemonade kool-aid (I found it on Pinterest). It was a huge grand fail. It probably would have taste great in July, but not November. Nobody wants lemonade in Nov.

Except for maybe Daisy..... Who wants to feed herself, all the time. Good thing she's not very messy when she eats......:)

Opening presents. Very daintily.

One thing I love about Daisy is......EVERYTHING.....even the stuff that makes me tired. No really, I do. Except for maybe a few things.........

She has never stopped moving since the day she was born. First she would twist and scoot and maneuver her way off the blanket she would be laying on to spit up on the carpet. (thank heavens that phase is over) Then she would roll everywhere....and spit up on the carpet. Then she crawled....pulled herself up.....walked around furniture..... stood up in the middle of the room.... then on to full on walking at 9 months. It looks funny when any baby walks at 9 months, but especially funny when such a shrimpy one does it.

She weighs almost 22 lbs ( 63%) and is 30 inches long (78%). She has 9 teeth including a 15 month molar and another molar on the way. She says Mama, d'dee, and aut-oh whenever she drops something off her highchair, shopping cart or changing pad. She teases for loves and cuddles for a little second but we think she's just pausing to plan her next move.

Daisy is such a light and a joy in our little family. She keeps up on our toes and has us all wrapped around her little tiny finger.


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Daisy!

The 4 Willows said...

Oh my word! I can't believe it has been a year already. She is too cute! Your other kids are quite cute as well. :) Hope everything is going good for you guys. Merry Christmas!

meghan said...

I miss your blog... :(