Monday, December 5, 2011

First Day of school/ picture day 2011

Yes, I did send my children off to school. I just have a Tasmanian Daisy who keeps my sort of frazzled and mostly blogless.

Maddy on the first day of 6th grade. She has a WONDERFUL teacher names Mrs Rawle. Mrs Rawle enjoys Maddy, Maddy's super cute hair and totally appreciates her good student manners.

Ruby and her first day of First grade. Her teacher is Mrs Hogan (who was in our Payson ward when Ru was born) Mrs Hogan was requested by me because Ruby's kindergarten teacher was less then...... Mrs Hogan LOVES LOVES LOVES her kids, but doesn't love telling parents what is expected of their students. It annoys this parent a little. But we LOVE her none the less.

Maddy's school picture face. We didn't order any school pictures because we were planning (and we did -- yeah) on taking our own pictures (by the best friend Em) instead.

Ruby's school picture face. Never mind that her hair is COMPLETELY different now.
The end....

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Jessica said...

Darling girlies! Even Sophie pointed at your pictures and said, "CUTE!" She's a smart girl. And I love that your Daisy is a Tasmanian Daisy. It gave me a little giggle.